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Nashville Predators Tickets

Nashville Predators Tickets
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The Nashville Predators will look to maintain the steady success they found during the 2011-12 NHL season, where they finished 2nd in the Central and made it to the playoffs.  This offseason has been a pretty hard one for the Predators.  From defenseman and alternate captain Ryan Suter moving to Minnesota to Alexander Radulov switching back to the KHL, the Predators have seen the loss of some of their most touted players.  Still, the Predators have a $12.5 million gap before they hit the cap floor.  That means they are one of the richest teams right now in the NHL and that this offseason can still end in the their favor if they spend their money wisely.  Captain Shea Weber will hopefully be returning for the 2013 NHL season, leaving the Predators with some retained talent.  And then there’s goaltender Pekka Rinne, who will once again be fundamental to the teams’ success.  Though the loss of Suter has shocked some of his former-teammates, alternate captain Mike Fisher still confident his team can still be as successful as they were last season.  Fisher will likely have to pick up his game in the wake of Suter’s departure.  With more money to spend than any other team in the NHL and the clock ticking down, it’ll be interesting to see what the Predators do in the upcoming weeks.  Don’t miss out on the Nashville Predators’ 2013 NHL season by getting your tickets with Gold Coast Tickets today!   The Nashville Predators represent the city of Nashville, Tennessee in the NHL and play hockey in the Central Division of the Western Conference.  Nashville acquired their NHL team back in 1998 as an expansion team and since then they have worked to establish themselves in the Central Division.  They have yet to claim a division championship but after placing 2nd in Central last year behind the St. Louis Blues, the Predators may only be a couple more seasons away.  The Predators play their home games at Bridgestone Arena, or “The Stone,” which has a capacity of just over 17,000 and located right in downtown Nashville.  Fans in Nashville have also developed their own traditions, modifying Detroit’s “Legend of the Octopus” by throwing catfish on the ice and dubbing Section 303 in the area the “The Cellblock,” and the “Loudest Section of the Loudest Arena in the NHL”.  For more information on the Nashville Predators, visit their website at: