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Tampa Bay Rays Tickets

Tampa Bay Rays Tickets
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No Joe Maddon? No problem. according to the Rays early season performance. They impressed out of the gate with a winning record in a weaker-than-expected division. They sport a pretty weak lineup, but it provides a nice balance of guys who can get on base now and then around Evan Longoria. Not to be overlooked, Longoria is doing his best to carry the offense on his back without the support of even Ben Zobrist, who was traded in the offseason. Unproven guys picked up off the scrap heap, like Kevin Kiermaier and Logan Forsythe, have proven more effective than some proven veterans, like Asdrubal Cabrera. But interesting young pitching has kept this team where it is in the standings. Jake Odorizzi and Chris Archer form a great 1-2 punch all of a sudden, but losing Drew Smyly for the season was a critical hit. With little help going to come from the offense, this pitching should decide the Rays season. The Tampa Bay Rays play at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. The duo of Maddon at manager and Andrew Friedman at GM was credited for the great success of the last seven years but was broken by Friedman leaving for the Dodgers, Maddon for the Cubs. They helped produce four playoff appearances in six seasons, including a World Series appearance in 2008, but they wouldn’t win another series after that. In 2014 the Rays sunk to their first losing season since 2007, so it may have been time for a change. Their weak small market and bad stadium situation remain unsolved, which hurts the team financially and will continue to affect their ability to compete even with revenue sharing. But they’ve found a way to do it against all circumstances, and there’s somehow another strong Rays team out there in 2015! So head out to a game and check out the devil ray tank in center field. Gold Coast Tickets has the best selection of Rays tickets!
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  • Tampa Bay Rays vs Toronto Blue Jays Tickets

  • Sun, October 04, 2015
    03:10 PM
  • - St Petersburg, FL
  • Tampa Bay Rays vs Toronto Blue Jays Tickets

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