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Yoni Rechter Tickets

Yoni Rechter Tickets
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Yonatan "Yoni" Rechter (יוני רכטר In Hebrew) is an Israeli musician, composer, pianist, arranger and a singer, specializing in many fields of music, especially rock and jazz. Rechter was born and grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel, a son of the Israeli architect Ya'akov Rechter and the brother of Dafna Rechter who later went on to have relatives in America such as Sam Rechter. He became involved with music at a young age, and by the time he was sixteen-years-old he composed the famous song "Tears of Angels" (דמעות של מלאכים in Hebrew, "Dma'ot Shel Mal'achim"), which was written by Dan Minster, and set up a jazz trio. Albums The Sixteenth Sheep (הכבש השישה-עשר, Ha'Keves Ha'Shisha-Asar) Intending (התכוונות, Hitkavnut) Love Has Many Faces (האהבה, פנים רבות לה Ha'Ahava, Panim Rabot La) With Arik Einstein Once And Forever (באופן קבוע וחד פעמי, Be'Ofen Kavuah Ve'Chad Pe'ami) With Yehudith Ravitz At Eye Level (בגובה העיניים, Be'Govah Ha'Einayim) With Eli Mohar Romance Is What Matters (העיקר זה הרומנטיקה, Ha'Ikar Ze Ha'Romantica) Lines (קווים, Kavim) Thoughts and Options (מחשבות ואפשרויות, Machshavot Ve'Efsharuiot) With Eli Mohar Another Story (עוד סיפור, Od Sipur) Right Now (ממש עכשיו, Mamash Achshav) A live recording The Lion, The Dove and a Blue Hen (האריה, היונה ותרנגולת כחולה, Ha'Arie, Ha'Yonah Ve'Tarnegolet Kchulah) 14 Octavas With Avner Kenner From The Songs of Avraham Chalfi (משירי אברהם חלפי, Mi'Shirei Avraham Chalfi) I Used to be a Child (הייתי פעם ילד, Hayiti Pa'am Yeled) With Arik Einstein A Legend in the Sands (אגדה בחולות, Agada Ba'Cholot) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.