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There are at least five bands called Versus: 1) New York City indie rock favorites Versus evolved from the remnants of Flower, a band led by singer/guitarist Richard Baluyut and singer/bassist Ian James (later to form French). In the final months of Flower's existence, the group was joined by vocalist/guitarist Fontaine Toups, who remained with Baluyut in the short-lived Saturnine before the duo formed Versus (borrowing the name from an LP by Mission of Burma) with Baluyut's brother, Ed. After playing their first shows with a line-up comprising three guitars and a drum machine, Ed Baluyut relocated to the Phillipines, and Toups switched over to bass; upon Ed's return, he assumed drumming duties, and Versus issued its 1992 debut single, "Insomnia." In 1993, the trio issued the stellar EP Let's Electrify!, a taut, melodic collection spotlighting their intricate, dissonant guitar work and odd harmonies. After signing to the Teenbeat label, Versus issued their 1994 full-length debut, The Stars Are Insane (originally titled Meat, Sports and Rock, three subjects the band ardently supported, much to the dismay of the prevaling indie-scene mentality of the moment). A collection of singles, compilation tracks and demos titled Dead Leaves appeared in 1995, followed in early 1996 by the EP Deep Red. Another Baluyut brother, James, signed on for the 1996 LP Secret Swingers; the album was also Ed's last, with new drummer Patrick Ramos enlisting for 1998's Two Cents Plus Tax. The Afterglow EP followed on Merge Records a year later, and in mid-2000 Versus returned with the EP Shangri-La and the band's fifth studio effort Hurrah. 2) are a power metal band from Mexico, currently signed to Ear Blaster. VersuS consists of David Arjona Vocals (lead) (2003-present) Rach Espinosa Guitars (2003-present) Germán Encalada Guitars (2003-present) Roger Contreras Keyboards (2003-present) Pablo Arjona Bass (2003-present) Eduardo Pérez Drums (2003-present) They have 3 recordings already There first release came in 2004 and was a demo called Lluvia de Espadas. There first full-legth release was recorded in 2006 and is called Puerta de Mar. There most recent offering is Misión Ancestral which is a more mature effort then there previous releases. Expect great things from this band 3) VersuS is a Dutch Rap Duo, existing out of J-$tar & Dj Sam, they haven't yet released any albums but their beats are able to be heard at facebook, still looking for a Recording Studio to tape their first singles, being The Mask, Tha Club, & I'm A Wolf, they are very close to their breakthrough. Myself I am J-$tar, and i'm to damn stoned to go on writing. so any writing mistakes, not my bad;) and yes this is a biography! Sicerely Yours VersuS, soon to recieve our first album, The State 4) Versus is progressive / alternative rock band from Riga, Latvia. Formed in year 2003 by couple of friends after the ending of bands like No Brain Pinky and Fuse. Currently the band can be found as Band Versus Music 5) Versus is a punk band from Cologne, Germany. They call their sound "Political pogo punk with bagpipes" 6) Versus was a popular Christian pop-rock / funk band from Portland Oregon in the late 1980's and early 1990's. After releasing several independent albums, the band released Stuff That Matters on StarSong Records in 1993. The band broke up shortly after their major label debut to pursue other interests. Notable alumni from the band include: Chris Kent, a popular Nashville studio and touring bass player. 7) Versus was a Finnish pop duo that a had a somewhat big hit in the Finnish radios with the single Hymypoika. 08) VERSUS is a German electro pop/EBM duo consisting of André Steinigen and Markus Krech. Their most recent release was 2010's Different Twilight Places. Versus - being founded in 2001 with a view to creating music out of their own imagination - is a musically most diverse band from Monestirea (close to Desden / Germany) that is unmistakeably rooted in the electronic sound area. Nevertheless, Versus ignore any kind of pigeonholes and, thus, produce their very own and at the same time quite varied sound. That sound was already most convincing in 2004 at the Europe-wide band contest "Battle Of The Bands" hosted by Sonic Se-ducer. Versus came third place in the jury's voting with their song "Re:Start". Since 2005 and the one or other change within the band, André Steinigen has been solely responsible for the writing process of the new songs resulting in the increased use of gui-tars and experimental beats. In the course of this, the band has always kept sight of their main aim - creating music to create sensations for all human beings interested in music. From 2007 on, Versus could post their first official releases. Apart from remixes done for Days Of Fate, Heavy-Current or Universal Poplab, the band has also contributed to various compilations (electropop 4, Dark Allure) in 2010. Meanwhile, between 2007 and 2009, the band worked at their admittedly third but officially first planned album. And their patience paid off resulting in "Different Twilight Places", a 15 tracks electro pop EBM concept album which combines smoothly most different facets of music and promises the listeners to take them on a very special journey. Since 2010, Versus and Echozone / Bob-Media have teamed up. Therefore, "Different Twilight Places" is going to be released at October 1st, 2010 on Echozone. They can be found online at Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.