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Vanessa Tickets

Vanessa Tickets
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The name Vanessa has been used by several artists. 1) EBM band from Czech Republic (website) 2) VANESSA (formerly VanessA), a Tokyo based visual kei band, also tagged as VanessA. 3) Vanessa Nassar, a Lebanese violinist 4) a Norwegian fusion band active in the 70s 5) an experimental indie-rock band from Sweden 6) Clara Moroni, a eurobeat vocalist 7) Connie Breukhoven, former model and singer * * * 1) EBM band from Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia). Vanessa del Rio was originally established by Samir Hauser and Dan Rodný to 'make soundtracks for movies of the brazilian pornstar'. After a first rather unsuccessful album the name of the band was shortened, the music became harder, and the second album developed a cult following. After the third album the band split up for some time. Vanessa's descendant, Vanessa Gun, created with Miroslav Papež (aka Moimir Papalescu), member of Gun Dreams, made its first in 1997. After a long pause, the band released their fifth album called 'Ave Agony' and changed their name back to Vanessa and new member Jakub Horák joined and Dan Rodný left the band. After four years Vanessa made new album 'Antidotum'. Discography: Vanessa del Rio - Disco Bastards (1991) Vanessa – Flashback (1992) Vanessa – Monogamy (1994) Vanessa Gun – Vanessa Gun (1997) Vanessa – Ave Agony (2009) Vanessa – Antidotum (2013) Members: Samir Hauser – vocal Miroslav Papež (aka Moimir Papalescu) – synthesizers Jakub Horák – keyboards Tuzex Christ - guitar Jaroslav Stuchlý - drums Ex. Members: Daniel Rodný – synthesizers Zoran Stehlík – vocal Rusák – keyboards * * * 2) : Vocal - 元規 [ex. るる → DIS → VanessA] Guitar - 鴇 [ex. hell-trap → ヴァルキリー → VanessA] Guitar - ハルキ [ex. Dollis → VanessA] Bass - 恋一 [ex. イフレ → ミミック → VANESSA] Drums - 憂 [ex. HARDEATH → 一方通行 → Dollis → RinDa → fo-rest → VanessA] Ex. Members: Bass - ナオ [ex. Dollis → VanessA] * * * 3) : Vanessa Nassar is a Lebanese violinist. The beautiful young Vanessa was just nine years old when she started playing the violin, her music is a fusion of occidental grooves and oriental spirits. Vanessa is the most anticipated violin player in the Middle East. It’s not actually hard to figure out why, it’s because underneath her beautiful look, lies individual musical virtuosity and the sharpest of ears for what a global audience wants to hear. Vanessa is an entertainer and sees no shame in that. She is a genuinely genre-defying act, willing to go beyond category to explore the joy of music regardless of the cultural hamstrings that restrict the creativity of so many classically trained musicians. An explosive live performer, Vanessa stared in an intensive touring program that has taken her around the middle-east several times already, where she especially shined in Khmissa Festival even though she hasn’t released yet her first album and music video: Longa V composed by Sami Bitar and directed by Yehya Saade. * * * 4): Norwegian fusion band with two albums in the 70s. * * * 5) Vanessa is an ambitious, experimental indie-rock band from Sweden. The band was formed in 2002 by Joakim Näslund (guitars), Marcus Nordin (vocals, guitars, keyboard), Andreas Wiberg (drums). Later that year, two other members joined the band: Björn Pinner (bass) and Patrik Angestav (keyboard). During the years, Vanessa has recorded two albums, toured Sweden, performed live in Swedish radio twice and participated in several musical contests with huge success. The band won Sweden's biggest musical competition (Musik Direkt) in 2005. Björn and Patrik left the band recently because of studies and lack of time, and the three remaining members are carrying on. Official web site * * * 6) Vanessa is one of many aliases used by Clara Moroni, a eurobeat vocalist. * * * 7) Connie Breukhoven. Former model and singer. Nowadays she's married to the CEO of Free Record Shop, Hans Breukhoven, owns a botox-parlour called NewFill and claims injecting soy-milk will prevent cancer. *** 8. A Phineas and Ferb Character Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.