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Vader Tickets
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Vader is a death metal band from Olsztyn, Poland founded in 1983. They stand as one of the best-known European death metal bands utilizing a style of death metal different from that of their American counterparts, but their approach is firmly based upon the template created by Morbid Angel. For example, many bands of this genre tend to play guitar solos and lead parts which do not adhere strictly to traditional musical principles and make extensive use of tremolo bar, creating a rather dissonant sound. Vader, whilst often playing in this style, occasionally diverge and play diminished, augmented, and minor scale solos. The band is also different in that vocalist Piotr Wiwczarek's vocals do not follow the standard sound widely considered acceptable for death metal. While his vocal delivery remains extreme, it is a much throatier approach, giving him the ability to enunciate words more clearly than most death metal vocalists. Vader were the first band ever from behind the Iron Curtain to sign to a Western label and their 1990 demo "Morbid Reich" is still considered to be the best selling demo tape in the history of death metal. In 1993 they released their debut album titled "The Ultimate Incantation" (Earache) which has since become one of the milestones of European death metal. These were also the first brutal sounds from behind the Iron Curtain which reached the audiences all over the world. Promoting the album VADER introduced themselves to the Western world by undertaking a forty-date European tour with label mates BOLT THROWER and Swedish deathsters GRAVE. Another, thirty-plus date tour with DEICIDE, SUFFOCATION, and DISMEMBER invaded American continent in May and June of the same year. Communication breakdown with their label led to the termination of the contract with Earache and the 1994 release of two then-underestimated albums: "Sothis" (Repulse) and "The Darkest Age - Live '93" (Baron). The band also led a hectic live life touring with MALEVOLENT CREATION and OPPRESSOR to name just a few. Without a recording contract and with death metal losing popularity the world over, VADER continued to work hard against all odds. The 1995 contract with German System Shock/Impact Records allowed them to develop further. The success of three subsequent outings: "De Profundis" (1995), "Future of the Past" (1996), and "Black to the Blind" (1997) backed with super-intense touring activity (more than 350 concerts within 3 years!) slowly but surely contributed to the band's growing profile and increasingly enthusiastic press coverage. VADER stopped being perceived as a mere curiosity from a former Communist country and became one of the leading European death metal bands. In the meantime, Hammerheart Records re-released two early demos - "Necrolust" (1989) and "Morbid Reich" (1990) - as "Reborn in Chaos". 1998 proved to be a breaking point for the band. In August VADER joined an exclusive circle of metal artists who recorded and released a "Live in Japan" (System Shock/Impact) album. Before it came out in December, the band also recorded a new mini "Kingdom" (System Shock/Impact) and their first professional VHS video titled "Vision and Voice" (Metal Mind). Also, in October this year VADER opened for SLAYER during their one-off stop in Poland. The end of 1998 marked the inking of the contract with one of the most respected and genre-defining metal labels in the world - Metal Blade. In March 1999 VADER played their first headlining American tour - "International Extreme Music Festival '99" - which featured the line-up of GORGUTS, CRYPTOPSY, NILE, DIVINE EVE and several others. In May the band played at METALMANIA - the biggest Polish festival, with the likes of GRIP INC., SAMAEL and ANATHEMA. June marked yet another European trek with SIX FEET UNDER, ENSLAVED, CRYPTOPSY, THYRFING and NILE while the rest of the summer season was filled with numerous appearances at festivals in Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland and the season-concluding opening slot during the Polish leg of TESTAMENT's European tour. In November and December 1999 the band disappeared in the Red Studio to record a brand new album titled "Litany" which was released in March. The album comprised over 30 minutes of fast-paced and uncompromising death metal. The release of the album was once again backed with intense live activity, including April's "No Mercy Festivals 2000" with DEICIDE, IMMORTAL, MARDUK, and CANNIBAL CORPSE. In June VADER embarked on a 30-date European tour with VITAL REMAINS, FLESHCRAWL, and THE CROWN. In the meantime, between July and October, the band recorded in the Red Studio a new MCD entitled "Reign Forever World" which was subsequently released in April 2001, featuring new cuts, cover versions and live tracks. As usual, the promotion was based on intensive touring, this time including numerous festivals, a Polish tour, and a Russian-Ukrainian tour as well as the band's fifth, and the second as a headliner, trek to the United States. The latter's bill also featured CRYPTOPSY, DEEDS OF FLESH, DYING FETUS and CEPHALIC CARNAGE. September 2001 saw another European tour with CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS, CATASTROPHIC, and several other bands. This was followed by 10 Polish appearances as part of the Thrash'em All Festival 2001 together with KRISIUN, BEHEMOTH and the cream of the Polish death and black scene. In February 2002 VADER proceeded to record their new studio album, tentatively scheduled for release on the 3rd of June, 2002. "Revelations" has been again recorded in the Red Studio while the board duties were handled by Piotr Łukaszewski. The album also features the new bass-player Simon who replaced Shambo. Still before the album's premiere, VADER are supporting the release with live dates in England, Scotland and Ireland (March 2002), during the No Mercy Festivals dates (April 2002) and a 10-date Polish tour in June. May will also see the release of the band's first DVD entitled "More Vision and the Voice" which will comprise the material from the "Vision and the Voice" VHS video, a number of video-clips, live footage, an interview with Peter, and a wealth of multimedia material. The newest studio album "Revelations" was very intensively promoted for almost 1.5 years. There were many festivals in summer 2002, since the 30th of August European tour with KRISIUN, DECAPITATED and PREJUDICE. In November 30 concerts in USA with IMMOLATION, THE BERZERKER and ORIGIN. Before their flight to USA they stayed in Japan for 5 days and played the next few concerts. In December of that year, the band's first historic tour of Brazil followed. The new year 2003 started with concerts in France in February and in April another European tour with DERANGED, ARKON INFAUSTUS and ARISE. Before it, prestigious festival in Poland - Metalmania Festival 2003 with SAXON, SAMAEL, OPETH, MARDUK, MAYHEM and also 2 festivals in Scandinavia- Inferno Metal Festival and Motala Festival. In June first visit in Israel (1000 people in concert!) and summer festivals Wacken Open Air, Party San, Nuclear Storm and the biggest Polish festival Przystanek Woodstock, where VADER was seen by 400.000 maniacs!!! Between concerts VADER found some time on recording new MCD "Blood" and taken place the fundamental change of bass player in band. The new musician became Novy (ex-BEHEMOTH). The release of new MCD is scheduled on the 25th of September. In September VADER are setting off on a Polish tour (17 concerts) with DECAPITATED, FRONTSIDE and VESANIA. In October they take part in Art Of Noise Part 2 with NILE, KREATOR, AMON AMARTH in USA. And then the band is setting to work on the new studio album, which is expected in spring 2004. Year 2004 means time for band's new studio album "The Beast" and extensive promotional campaign including over 170 gigs! Recording session of band's new album was interrupted and postponed on May/ June due to unfortunate Doc's (drums) accident. He was replaced by a very talented drummer Daray (from Polish band VESANIA). New VADER' live season kicked off with a small tour through Czech Republic/ Slovakia and Eastern countries like Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, The Ukraine and Belarus, 25 gigs in total. From the 1st of April VADER continues European crusades, invading countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Italy, Austria to name a few, simultaneously proceeding recordings of "The Beast". Very important part of that tour were band's first trip to Balkans (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia) and Scandinavian tournee consisted of 14 gigs! On the second half of 2004 VADER is going to play another tour through Poland "Blitzkrieg 2" (17 gigs), US tour along with CANNIBAL CORPSE and NAPALM DEATH (October/ November) and participate in December X-Mass Festivals. Nevertheless the most important gig of 2004 VADER played at Silesian Stadium, Chorzów where the band opened for METALLICA in front of 50 000 people. The Beast recordings were finished in mid-July at RG Studio (Poland) with Piotr Łukaszewski behind the board, the producer well known from band's previous recordings. The album hit the market on 20th of September. Famous Polish artist Jacek Wiśniewski once again took care of the album artwork and layout. European limited edition of the album contained also a bonus DVD featuring 30-minutes report from the studio, 2 videoclips recorded during the session and 3 video cuts recorded during Metalmania Festival 2003. In October 2004 Metal Mind Production releases a DVD entitled "Night Of The Apocalypse" containing three professionally shot gigs (TV Studio Cracov, Metalmania 2003, opening show for METALLICA), interviews and other extras. In the meantime VADER succesfuly continues their blood crusade, taking part in X-Mass 2004 (together with MARDUK, NAPALM DEATH, FINNTROLL, THE BLACK DALHIA MURDER, BELPHEGOR). Unfortunately, due to the serious spinal injury Peter caught in Scandinavia, the band was forced to cancel the upcoming US tour, where they were supposed to play with NAPALM DEATH and CANNIBAL CORPSE. That's the first cancelled tour in band's entire career and hopefully, the last one. In March 2005, after 17 years of cooperation VADER decide to part ways with Doc and Daray officially joins the team as its permanent member. The band also announces their new record deal with Swedish Regain Records. Next touring season VADER starts in April, embarking on KREATOR's "Enemy Of God Tour 2005" in the US (alongside with DEATH ANGEL, IF HOPE DIES). Right after the tour VADER attacks South America, playing a headlining tour in such countries like Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Five days after the South American assault the band starts "The Sign Of The Beast" UK tour together with LOST SOUL. Shortly after that trip Panzer Division VADER enters Hertz Studio to record their new MCD entitled "The Art Of War", scheduled for release in November 2005. The MCD contains four new tracks, two intros & a video for the track "This Is The War" (created in 3D digital systems). On September VADER kicks off another massive invasion under "Blitzkrieg 3" code name. The tour schedule contains about 50 dates in Europe (supported by LOST SOUL, ANOREXIA NERVOSA and ROTTING CHRIST) and 30 dates in the US and Canada (together with DECAPITATED and DEW-SCENTED). From the beginning of 2006 VADER was preparing stuff for the next studio album entitled "Impressions In Blood". On April/ May the band once again entered Hertz Studio where under Wiesławscy brothers supervision recorded 10 new songs and a bonus track "Raining Blood" (which will be featured on the Japanese edition exclusively). The whole design of the album was prepared by Greek artist Seth (PARADISE LOST, ROTTING CHRIST, OLD MAN'S CHILD). The band also recorded a video-clip for "Helleluyah (God Is Dead)". Shortly after the recording session VADER embarked on a prestigious US "Metal Crusaders Tour 2006" alongside DESTRUCTION, KATAKLYSM and others. On July the band will appear on a few summer festivals. Short break and on the 17th of September VADER will kick off a total invasion- over 90 gigs in Europe under a flag of "Blitzkrieg 4" together with GOD DETHRONED, SEVERE TORTURE, NIGHTRAGE, BLOODTHORN. Year 2007 begun another concert spree for the band, starting in February with an over 75-minute long show in Warsaw's Stodola, where VADER was supported by ONSLAUGHT and SOLITUDE AETURNUS (the show was shot for a future DVD release). In March the band visited Japan and gave 3 well-received shows alongside BRUTAL TRUTH and CRYPTOPSY. Also this month VADER entered Hertz Studio to begin working on their special anniversary album, crowning 25 years of the band's reign on the death metal scene. The album will contain 25 tracks from classic VADER releases such as "The Ultimate Incantation", "De Profundis", "Black to the Blind" and "Litany", all re-recorded especially for this anniversary compilation. During summer, VADER gave 30 live shows all across Europe, performing at such festivals as Sundown Festival, Rock Hard Festival, Queens Of Metal Open Air in Germany, Graspop MM Festival in Belgium, Hellfest in France and the Peace and Love Festival in Sweden, with additional shows in England, Finland and Holland. Soon after they return, VADER opens their official MySpace and YouTube accounts. Recently the band witnessed the premiere of their brand new video for an exclusive track "Sword of the Witcher", which will be promoting the video game "The Witcher" by CD-Projekt RED/Atari. The video was shot at the castle in Bolkow in August. The band's future plans involve a 7-gig headlining tour - Flaming Arts Festival 2007 - across Russia and Belarus, alongside KRISIUN, ROTTING CHRIST and INCANTATION. The same line-up will later visit Poland for the second part of the Blitzkrieg 4 Tour, covering 14 Polish cities. Also, in the beginning of October, the band's new DVD - "...And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw" (released through Metal Mind Productions) will finally be available, offering 20 powerfully performed live tracks and including a special guest appearance by Orion (BEHEMOTH, VESANIA). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.