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Transmission Tickets

Transmission Tickets
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There are 10 bands with this name: 1) Transmission is the ex-husband and wife duo Adris Hoyos (Harry Pussy, Monostadt 3) and Graham Lambkin (The Shadow Ring). 2) Transmission is an experimental/post-rock band based in the United Kingdom. The band includes former members of Killing Joke, Murder, Inc., Verve, and Dreadzone. Tim Bran, Vocals/Keyboards : Paul Ferguson, Drums : Simon Tong, Guitars : Youth, Bass/Guitars 3) Transmission is a Progressive Metal band from Hessen, Germany. On their first album "Id, Ego and Superego" Michael Sadler from Saga has a guest appearance on the title-track. Members of this band can also be found on CDs of Henning Pauly and Chain; Pauly also produced the "Id, Ego, and Superego" album. 4) Transmission is an avant garde/noise band based in New York around 1981/82. The members are Jonathan Kane (drums) and Daniel Galliduani (saxophones/vocals). 5) Transmission is an Joy Division cover band based in Birmingham 6) Transmission is an independent alternative rock band from Brazil formed in 2003. They released an EP (Demo/2004) with 6 songs: Dreamless, 3/4, Take Off, Sometimes, Fugazi and I Told You. In 2007 will be released a new EP. 7) Transmission is a progressive metal band from Strzyżów, Poland. Group was created in 1999, but At the beginning, they were known as Quasimodo. There have been some personnel changes, and since 2002, Quasimodo is known as Transmission. Band members: -vocal:Rafał Krasa, -synth:Tomasz Galej, -guitar:Rafał Galej, -bass:Mariusz Ciuba, -drums:Krzysztof Delikat. In 2004 Transmission published a promo EP called "Praise And Love EP". The most popular songs are Requiem For A Dream and Praise and Love. 8) Transmission is the band from Sarajevo. They released a CD with Jewish Sephardic romances in 2000. 9) transMission (small "t", capital "M") is a band from Atlanta, Georgia formed in 2003 by Phil Laeger and Marty Mikles. An official ministry of The Salvation Army, an international Christian social service organization, the band's objective is to lead worship, promote the Salvation Army's mission and connect the two (mission and worship) in practical ways. transMission = transforming worship into mission. Originally called "Total Youth Invasion", the band have released 5 albums, "Send the Fire" (2004), "I Know A Fount" (2005), "Be A Hero" (2006), "Unfailing Love" (2007) and "The World for God" (2009). Other band members have included Lex Roberson, Brad Rowland, Desmond Smith, Josh Raymer. 10) Transmission, a hardcore punk band from Hershey, PA. They release a demo in 1989. 11) Transmission is a belgian alternative rock band that was born after the almost accidental meeting of 5 random individualities. This strange meeting gave birth to a music that has no apparent borders: Sometimes sweet sometimes bitter but always colorful, each piece expresses a particular mood or state of self-conscience. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.