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The Path Tickets

The Path Tickets
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There are five artists under the name "The Path": 1.) The Path is a grindcore/sludge band from Southern Indiana heavily influenced by death and doom metal. The band has been labeled Grindcore, Mincecore, Sludgecore, Death Metal, & Powerviolence, but prefer the title/label Southern Indiana Death Grind Sludge Terrorists. Their lyrics themes range from social political to occult topics. Formed in early 1990 the band started off as a fastcore crossover band influenced by The Accused, DRI, Septic Death, & Larm as much as Death, Voi Vod, Hellhammer, Black Sabbath, & Repulsion. They appeared on several compilations, released a self financed demo, two split eps and one full length "Crimes of Thought & Passion" recorded in 1998. Often linked with occult due to lyrical themes and founding members association with the IOT, OTO, HOOR and other occult lodges. The band is still active today with at least two original members. 2.) The Path is Péter Takács, who produces techno influenced dark psytrance tracks, and hails from Hungary. "In 2003 Me and Adam (Para Halu) have formed The Path to establish a different, more tech-ish psychedelic trance project than the most. We got some attention that time, our first appearance was on Goa Gil's compilation VA - Karmageddon (2005). Actually it was a Freaking (Parasense) remix made by Zolod from our track Cacao. After that, the project seemed dead for a while, but in 2007 it reappeared with a track on VA - On the Right Path (Psylife rec). In 2007 we have also done a split album with Para Halu: Para Halu On The Path - Wide Range (Zaikadelic rec). Both Para Halu and The Path split up, and those are separate tracks from Adam, Andras and Me. A quite experimental psychedelic concept-album that shows our own directions in psytrance. Its first presentation was at Earthdance 2007 in Hungary. That was our last gig together with Adam and our next stop was Tokyo, Japan in February 2008 where we've already played separately. So I am doing the project alone since 2008. But our collaboration won’t stop, be prepared!" 3.) The Path Organization (The Path) "Named after the transit system that run passenger trains between Manhattan in N.Y.C. and Northen New Jersey" was founded in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, NY by Rapper/Producer/Songwriter/Musician and sometimes DJ named Drastic, Rapper and songwriter named Doughboy and DJ James in the 90's as deep finesse. When Doughboy lefted the group a year later they change their name the The Path. Thoughout the rest of the 90's the group went though more personal changes including the Departuer of co-founder DJ James which lefted only Drastic in the group and in late 2000 Drastic release a local single under The Path name called Measures B/W Wreck ya Art (BS 00001). When the single flopped locally Drastic retired The Path name went for a while as Drastic but didn't release any songs for two years because of personal problems including the death his mother in early 2002. In the winter of 2002 Drastic reactived The Path Organization name and release a single locally called Don't want it B/W Can't hide (BS 00002) and release more singles and albums locally thereafter despite Drastic ongoing personal problems. The Path today is now Drastic and stage show musicians also known as The Path Band and even though The Path has had it's share of growing pains,"Drastic and The Gang" is ready the show the world what fusion hip hop is all about. 4) A doom metal Band from Italy. 5) A hardcore/punk band from Australia. This band consisted of member from several other Australian hardcore and punk bands and was mainly a side project active from 2007 to 2008. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.