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The Energy Tickets
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There are 3 bands with this name. 1)Houston, Texas Psychedelic Punk Band 2) the more recent US band. 3) the now-defunt UK band of the 2000s The following description refers to the Houston band. 1) Over the last two years or so, the hardcore punk scene in Houston has been quietly dominated by a group of four young men: Beau Beasley, Tom Triplett (aka Tom of Montrose), Josh Wolf (no, not that Josh Wolf) and Chris Ryan. (Full disclosure: Beasley and Ryan are friends of mine). These four have amassed a collective resume that includes No Talk, Black Congress, the Born Liars, Muhammadali, the Secret Prostitutes, the Homopolice, KGBeasley and the Leather Violence, and the Energy, all of which are among the city's hottest punk bands, at least judging by the speed at which their singles go out of print. In addition, Ryan has recorded scores of punk and metal acts at Dead City Sound, Beasley has founded AG82 Records, and Wolf has been distributing records from a variety of underground sources. So far, however, this intertwined group of bands has not produced a full-length record, until now. Like Beasley's No Talk (with which it shares two members), the Energy, comprised of Wolf on drums, Ryan on bass, Triplett on guitar, and raconteur/friend-of-nice-people Arthur Bates on vocals, traffics in tight, dark punk-rock with edges as hard as steel. Triplett's torn-paper rhythm play and vicious, efficient solos are an impressive rejoinder to the shred-influenced work of grindcore veteran Beasley. However, the sound of the band is the end of its resemblance to anything else done recently in Houston, or most places, for that matter. For one thing, the Energy's songs are drawn out to a length that is extremely uncommon in punk rock -- the songs average nearly five minutes, and album centerpiece "Stabbing in the Dark" tops eight- but without being particularly complex in construction or jammy/showy in the least. Outside of Black Flag (who barely count for this purpose), Social Distortion and maybe Fucked Up, it's difficult to come up with another source for straight-ahead punk rock with anything like this puzzling long-windedness. The other, more important factor that makes the Energy unique is Bates. Bates, who also performs as Wicked Poseur, is not what one would call much of a singer, or even a charismatic yeller in the punk mold. His delivery is repetitive, muffled and flat, and flows oddly over some lines. His lyrics, on the other hand, are morbid, violent, cruel, and when they are combined with his bone-chillingly casual delivery, the effect is that of a band fronted by a psychopath. Punk-rock is no stranger to violent lyrics, but Johnny Rotten was politically motivated, Henry Rollins had the decency to be ashamed of his antisocial feelings, and grindcore bands like Pig Destroyer wrap their blood and guts in over-the-top vocal delivery that turns it into a cartoon. 2) In New York City alone, there are hundreds of musical artists trying to make their way towards success. Breaking through this scene is Brooklyn rock band, The Energy, who is becoming one of the top drawing unsigned bands in the Northeast. With sold out shows at Irving Plaza and Blender Theater, touring across the US from Boston to Orlando to California, opening for National Acts such as 3 Doors Down, and Eve 6, The Energy is captivating everyone with their pure ability and great songs which they deliver in a way that stays true to the band’s name. Their latest release, Realize Your Sin, features a broad sonic palette where each song tells a story. The melodic elements of Journey are punctuated by bursts of Rush-esque virtuosity and wrapped up in arena-ready song arrangements that echo bands like U2 and Kings of Leon. Their first single, “Lights,” is about the dreams that we pursue in our lives, what we are willing to go through in order to get there, and the tenacity with which we chase after our aspirations. The song has been getting airplay and charted on the specialty radio in November. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.