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Swoon Tickets

Swoon Tickets
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There is more than one band called 'Swoon'. 1) Swoon - Sweden shoegaze band: Founded in the mid-nineties, Swoon was one of the first Swedish bands to once again bring up the sounds of the British shoegaze scene of 1989-1992. As other bands turned to Blur and Oasis for inspiration, Swoon took on the sounds of My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Chapterhouse and House of Love and modeled them into new forms. Today, although both the musical landscape and the sources of inspiration are slightly altered, Swoon still base their music on John Hårds heavily effect-laden guitars, Staffan Ljunggrens syncopated rhythms and drones and Ola Ljunggrens smooth vocals and intriguing melodies. The threesome originates from Kumla, but they all now reside in Uppsala and Stockholm. They have currently released 4 eps. - encore ep - slipstream ep - jetglo ep - everlast ep Taken off the band's myspace 2) Swoon - trip-hop band: Spoken word musings, atmospheric samples, brushed drum grooves, and an assortment of serpentine guitarscapes are filtered together on Swoon's 1999 debut CD release, Milk. Comprised of Hood, Flange, and sometimes Bobby Breton, Swoon is joined on Milk by singing and sampling guests Madison and Epifanio. Their songs radiate an unobtrusive atmosphere in which space and time are encouraged to stretch. Milk projects a cinematic mood that is reinforced by the inclusion of a sanctimonious Robert Mitchum espousing his character's take on a two-fisted dichotomy between love and hate. Breton's relaxed and in-the-pocket grooves, which he often concocts with the help of brushes, give Swoon the soulful foundation and acoustic warmth that distinguish them from other post-techno instrumental outfits. Though Swoon draws upon such influences as Tom Verlaine, Glann Branca, and Low, their sound is neither derivative nor a homogenized blend of standard slow-core torpor. Swoon's Milk is fresh, frothy, and full of aural vitamins for the listener who is searching for a respite from the overstated and explicit.~ John Vallier 3) Swoon - London-based producer Kunal Modi's latest musical project, Swoon, is a spaced-out blend of shimmering melody and syncopated beats. His latest EP, Beyond Human, is a short, evolving and slightly-askew take on ambient-, electronic- and dance-music, with subtle nods to producers like Four Tet, Dntel and Caribou. 4) Swoon is a Hardcore youngsters from Göttingen, Germany. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.