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Out of Order Tickets

Out of Order Tickets
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There are a multiple bands called Out of Order: 1) Out Of Order is the name of a Chicago-based hardcore band. 2) Out of Order were an anglo British/German punk band, formed around the Herford/Bielefeld area, in Germany, 1980. Recorded a debut 7", 'THE OUT OF ORDER EP' and then the LP 'OPEN PRISON ', tracks included on the compilation albums,,"BLOODSTAINS ACROSS GERMANY 2",,"THE LOWDOWN KIDS COMPANION Vol 2",,and "CUMSTAINS OVER MY RECORD COLLECTION". Played loads of gigs around Germany. 3) Out of Order is also an Australian political punk band that has an album out on Class War Records. 4) Created in 1989, Out Of Order rocked the ska/punk scene to it's knees. 7 guys from the South Bay of Los Angeles (home of Black Flag, Descendents and Pennywise) went out to create something original and cutting edge with the main intention being "Spanking the Ass of Ska". You may have seen Out Of Order in an Airwalk commercial in the late 90's where, at a punk show, a brave young lad decides to climb a huge stack of speakers only to dive off once he reaches the top. In midair, the song ends, the crowd clears out of the way and the speaker diver hits the ground. the band on stage was Out Of Order playing "OUR TOWN" from their 2nd CD, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. You may have also seen them in print ads for Airwalk that appeared in Rolling Stone, Details and many other publications. In any case, Out Of Order was definitely one of the more unique ska/punk band born in the late 80's early 90's. Being L.A. based seperated them from the brand of bubble gum sappy skacore garbage that came out of "The O.C." during that time. Out of Order was edgier, harder, more raw and more in your face. 5) Out Of Order is also a rap/crunk group from St.Louis Missouri. released the album 2000 A.D. The Era Of Triplossiss on P.D. Waxx Records with features from Lil Jon and Twista. 6) Out Of Order are Belgrade based hardcore band. 7) Out Of Order are also a heavy/power metal band from Southwestern Germany. 8) Out of Order is also a belgian rock band from Beersel, Belgium. The light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879. Ever since, nothing exciting happened. Out of Order is not intending to change that. No difficulties, no new techniques, no sounds you never heard, just plain simple rock. Gentle & rough. Summer & Winter. Fun & Fact. Nothing less. Nothing more. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.