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Neptune Tickets

Neptune Tickets
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There are six artists with the name Neptune: 1. A rapper from El Centro, California that recently released a mixtape entitled "Fuck Homework" influenced by J.Cole, Kid Cudi and OFWGKTA. 2. An alias of The Cinematic Orchestra (J Swinscoe & Patrick "PC" Carpenter) whose track soul pride featured on the Ninja Tune "Xen Cuts" compilation (2000).; 3. A melodic Death metal band from Italy influenced by the Gothenburg style. 4. A wave-band from Nice (France) which came together in 2008 and is recording their debut-album right now (summer 2009). Their songs include "Something has gone", "Decay", "Recklessness" and "Dancing time". They are now called Contre Jour.; 5. A noise music band from Boston (the rest of the biography refers to this Neptune). 6. A very obscure Swedish metal band active in the 80s. - - - Neptune (noise) build all their custom made guitars and basses out of heaps of scrap metal. The bass is built using a VCR casing and another one of their instruments has a jagged scythe at the end of it. They also play on custom made percussion instruments and electric lamellophones. Neptune's origins trace to 1994 as a student art project by sculptor/musician Jason Sanford, who forged heavy, menacing-looking guitars and drums out of circular saw blades, gas tanks, oil drums, bike parts, VCR casings and miscellaneous scrap metal found in the trash. The early guitars were haphazard and untunable, resulting in the atonal garage clamor of the early recordings. With several different members and collaborators over the years, the music has evolved with the instruments blending the traditional sounds of rock & roll with industrial soundscapes. The current three-piece lineup relies as heavily on home-made electronics as it does its signature scrap metal instruments. Improvisation and performance art play key roles in their live shows. In summer of 2006 Neptune signed with Table of the Elements, an experimental record label that is home to acts such as Rhys Chatham, John Cale, Captain Beefheart. Neptune played 117 shows in 2006 with, two US tours and a two month trek throughout Europe and the UK. Neptune is known to tour the US in a psychedelic vintage telephone van with a merman painted on its side. Neptune has played with many other indie-rock acts such as Mission of Burma, The Ex, Liars, Oneida, Enon, Lightning Bolt, Black Dice, Flaming Lips, Blonde Redhead, Erase Errata, Melt Banana, Arab on Radar, Wolf Eyes,James Chance & the Contortions, Parts and Labor Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.