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Michael Knight Tickets

Michael Knight Tickets
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1) Michael Knight are a Dublin/Berlin-based indie pop group. A mutually parasitic but sadly inescapable marriage of the stylish black humour of Vladimir Nabokov and the sophisticated pop sensibilities of Burt Bacharach, they mix blackly comic (and sometimes even genuinely affecting) lyrics & multiple vocalists with an intricate musical backdrop. They could be, and have been, compared to music as diverse as the Beach Boys (vocal harmonies), spaghetti western soundtracks (guitars & whistles), mariachi music (military style drums), Motown (pounding rhythms), twee (er, twee), and church music. You can download the debut album from Michael Knight from Indiecater Records. 2) Michael Knight is a swedish dancehall and ragga singer. 3) Michael Knight is a french House and Tech-House DJ from Paris. 4) Michael Knight is a consummate and seasoned musician/guitarist currently based in Long Island, New York (U.S.A.) who denotes his playing style as instrumental metal, as a music fan can hear on his most recent recording, "Electric Horrorland". His workhorse guitars consist of a 1980 Jackson/Charvel and a 1975 Black Gibson Les Paul Custom. Knight has been playing guitar since 1975, and unreservedly relates his career objective, "My goal is to get my music into movies, TV and commercials. I'm getting a little old to be playing live at clubs for $50 pay. But I like recording and I'm woking with some young filmakers. Hopefully as they grow and do new things so will this aspect of my music career." When requested to let slip his top choice for an effect for the guitar, Knight resolutely answered, "Crybaby Wah-Wah," and then outlined his musicial goals, "I've always had a visual aspect to my music. Hopefully when people listen to my songs they get a visual connection, they see or imagine something visual going on in thier minds." He maintains a desire to, at some point, study the music of ancient cultures, working with archeololigists one what kind of instruments these cultures had and what their music may have sounded like, and is at the moment listening to Dream Theater "Systematic Chaos", late '60s and early '70s stuff, psychedelic stuff. and some '70s funk. His most important gratification? "There are some nights when you record or play live that you're just so on the money and everything flows so naturally and freely - its such a great feeling. Sometimes you listen back to what you did and it puts a smile on your face," he muses without hesitation. Knight winds up by mentioning long-term and forthcoming endeavors insightfully, by saying, "I'm looking towards getting my own home studio set up. Its going to cost some money but its about time I do it. There's parts on all of my Cds that I would have liked to take another crack at or try something different. But it costs money when your paying by the hour and there's a lot of compromise because of that. Also I'm working on a re-release of my Dreamscapes CD, remastered with bonus tracks, I'm even re-recording one of the songs." Knight's discography (available here at Guitar Nine Records) includes several solo albums ("DreamScapes", "Mechanica Diablo", "Electric Horrorland") and participation on a number of other recordings (Guitar 2001 "Lick This", Quintessence Metal Webzine "Fret-Essential #1", Skulgrinder "Island Of Lost Souls"). 5) Michael Knight is an alias of Ed Upton, better known as DMX Krew. He released Knight Ryder on Devon Records, a secret subsidiary label of his own Breakin' Records. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.