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Lydia Tickets

Lydia Tickets
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There are five artists with this name: 1. Lydia is a six-piece indie rock group from Gilbert, Arizona. They are on Low Altitude Records. 2. Lydia is also a five-piece indie rock group from Norrköping, Sweden. 3. Lydia is also a Spanish pop singer who has represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest, year 1999. 4. Lydia (also known as Dear Visutthithada) is Thailand’s newest R&B idol phenomenon. 5. Lydia was also a Norwegian jazz/fusion-group featuring Knut Halmrast on guitars and Arne Nøst on sax. 1. Whether expressing the vicissitudes of a romance run off course or finding one's soul deep inside his or her thoughts, Lydia crafts its sound with cadence approach that creates the equal allegiance to thunder and quiet found in Antleman's words, and further solidifies its place as the voice of today's indie rock generation. Lydia started out in 2003 as a five piece band: Leighton Antelman (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Steve McGraw (Guitar), Maria Sais De Sicilia (Backup vocals and Keyboard), Dustin Forsgren (Bass), and Loren Brinton (Drums). But now, Even Aranbul has replaced Forsgren, Mindy White with Dais De Sicilia, and Craig Taylor with Brinton and added second guitarist, Ethan Koozer. Debut album, "This December; It's One More and I'm Free" was recorded by the former members of the band and was released on September 27th, 2005 with the HourZero Records. The band's second album titled "Illuminate," which is set to be released March 2008 with the Linc Star Records. Lydia has risen to fame quickly as the band won a nationwide competition to be part of Atticus Draggin' the Lake Volume 3 compilation hosted by the Atticus Clothing with the song "Smile, You've Won," in 2005. It continued its success with its demo, "Your Taste is My Attention," making it to the Volume 4 in 2006. In "This December" Lydia displays layers of simple melodies combined, and yet so complete that each member of the band blends together to form one unique sound. With a close listen, Lydia opens a world of heart-wrenching ambience with delicate notes from both guitars to two singer's espousal harmony. Antelman embarks on an exploration of literary terrain as a poet to match to his melancholy voice. The rhythmic, angular wordplay form a rich journey through the intensely personal as Antelman throws into sharp issues of love, death, identity and drugs. Songs such as "It's In Your Blood," "Always Move Fast" and "Her and Haley" showcase Sais De Sicilia's voice so well with intensely thoughtful lyrics to mellow and yet explosive sounds. More so, "Fools and Luxury" and "December" highlight its fast moving side with heavy-on drums to add on to its delicate sound. More so, songs like "A Story For Supper," which runs little less than 8 minutes, proves Lydia's great handle on complexity to match every detail of car crash seem so real. Lydia's concentration in details is so well thought out in this album, from people talking in the background to George Jung's interview. "This Decembers" close-knit details keeps the listener on the edge, making it possible to be looped constantly without feeling repetitive. Now, Lydia fans all over the nation are anticipating on its second album, "Illuminate." Its first song, "Hospital," was up on MySpace, Christmas day and already met a huge success. 2. In 2005, Lydia released their debut album Gloria Can’t Dance (including the hit single with the same name) on NZW Records. 3. She competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1999, with the song 'No Quiro Escuchar'. 4. 'Lydia' means 'success' in Polish just like her real thai name 'Sarunrat'. She has been intensively training vocally since age 5, and is excited to have her dream of being a pop star come true. Instruments she plays include flute, saxaphone, drums, and piano. Lydia completed high school at the International School of Bangkok where she sang in an acapella group called 'UNDEFINED' and won the ISB Idol competition with her friend. She graduated as Vice President of her class, and with a 3.9 GPA. Lydia then accepted a place in the Northwestern Class of 2009 before beginning her singing career in Thailand. She has since applied to Harvard University in New York and expects immediate acceptance. Since skyrocketing to fame, she has produced two hit albums, and one joint album with Thailand’s popular pop group Dream II. Her hit single, “Wang Leaw Chuay Toh Klub”, held the number one spot on Thailand’s radio stations for consecutive weeks after its release.