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Kat Tickets

Kat Tickets
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There are at least 3 bands named "Kat": 1: Polish heavy / thrash metal band (with very few black metal elements) accused of propagating satanism. Considered as one of bands having most influence on Polish metal music. The band was founded in the end of 1979 by Piotr Luczyk (guitars) and Ireneusz Loth (percussion) in Katowice. Soon next two members - Tomasz Jaguś (bass) and Ryszard Pisarski (guitar) - have joined the band. Kat was playing instrumental hard rock then. In 1981 at Silesian Rock festival they have found a vocalist - it was Roman Kostrzewski. In 1984 Wojciech Mrowiec joined the band and with this team Kat has released its debut "Ostatni Tabor / Noce Szatana". The band made a splendid show at Jarocin Festiwal but then people started to attack the band with accusations about satanism when an other band (Test Fobii - Kreon) have destroyed the cross at their concert and there was a black mass at the cementary not so far. Kat's members casted away these accusations saying they weren't inspirating these acts. Soon Kat went to the tour with Hanoi Rocks and records its first LP - "Metal & Hell" realased in 1986 by Ambush Records. Polish version (with title changed into "666") was released one year later by Klub Płytowy Razem. The sound of the band was quite artificial but the album was accepted by people very well. Shortly after that Wojciech Mrowiec has left the band. Without him Kat played their next two gigs as a support for Metallica in 1987 (it was recorded at video material "38 minutes of life"). The band was also playing before legends like Running Wild, Helloween or Overkill. After releasing the great "Oddech wymarłych światów" album, the band went into a crisis - Luczyk and Loth have left the band for 3 years. Next 2 years after their return the band have released their next album - "Bastard". In 1993 the band's members have recorded their next album - "Ballady" - with a guest performance of Józef Skrzek (keyboard). Piotr Luczyk has left the band forever just after releasing the "Szydercze zwierciadło" album. The band has hold up its activity for the next 3 years after the death if guitarist Jacek Regulski. In 2002 KAT returned and have played as a support for Iron Maiden in the following year. In 2004 the band has split. First they dismissed Ireneusz Loth and shortly after Roman Kostrzewski. New team became - Mariusz Prętkiewicz (percussion), Jaroslaw Gronowski (guitar), Piotr Luczyk (guitar), Krzysztof Oset (bass) and Henry Beck (vocal) - and released the next album, "Mind cannibals". Roman Kostrzewski and Ireneusz Loth started a new band named "Kat & Roman Kostrzewski". 2: Some poppy R&B singer. 3: Japan based singer, song writer. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.