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Guitars and Stars Tickets

Guitars and Stars Tickets
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Brooklyn duo (and west coast transplants) Kenric McDowell and Shanna Perez-Hill share birthdays with Bob Dylan and Neil Young respectively and the hippie mysticism and ‘70s country rock fetishism don’t end there. Guitars’ first collaboration was a ceremonial performance at Kenric’s MFA show and their first recordings (mostly chanting) were made in a casita outside Santa Fe, NM. After the two participated in a Peruvian Yagé ceremony their fates were sealed — the music started flowing and they played their first show at NYC’s Lit on the winter solstice of 2007. The intimate connection between the two members of Guitars and the way they delicately handle intense subject matter is refreshing to some. But others find it challenging. One person assaulted the band after a “meat ceremony” at an art show, sending Shanna to the hospital with a wound over her third eye and a busted nose. That really happened. No kidding. Thankfully, Guitars’ musical good will has not been dampened by violence and they continue to perform minimalist, psychedelic country that is charming, entrancing and beautiful. Guitars’ musical rhizome keeps expanding, folding elements of bluegrass, noise and drone music into an enchanting and psychically charged vortex of country goodness. digitally released Guitars' first ep, Faster in May of 2008. NOTE: The album Electric Seraphim is not an album by the band described above.