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Film Tickets
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There are at least four artists named Film: 1. A Croatian New Wave band active around the 80’s. 2. A Greek Indie Rock band active since 2001. 3. An American rock band that was active through 1995-2003. 4. Thai singer. 1. Film is a new wave band from Croatia. Film was a Croatian rock group founded in 1978 in Zagreb. Film was one of the more popular rock groups in the ex-Yugoslav new wave (Novi val) in the late 1970s to early 1980s. Jura Stublić - Singer, songwriter and leader of the group - Mladen Jurčić ‘Max’ - Solo guitar - Marino Pelaić ‘Baracuda’ - Bass guitar - Ivan Stančić ‘Piko’ - Drums In 1981 the group became very popular. Its first big hit was the song “Neprilagođen” ( “Maladjusted” ). In that time Jura Stublić wrote hits like “Zamisli život u ritmu muzike za ples” ( “Imagine life in the rhythm of music for dancing” ), “Radio ljubav” ( “Radio love” ), “Zajedno” ( “Together” ), “Kad si mlad” ( “When you are young” ), “Odvedi me iz ovog grada” ( “Get me out of this town” ), “Zona sumraka” ( “Twilight zone” ), etc. The concert generally accepted as the greatest occoured in the Zagreb-located club Kulušić on February 11, 1981 when they recorded a live album. In 1986, the first line-up of the group collapsed. There were also attempts to sell their albums in France, with the name changed to “Le cinema”. They had less than 1000 albums sold in France. Not long after the disbandment of the original line-up Jura Stublić started a solo career, forming a new band under the moniker of “Jura Stublić & Film”. In that time they had some successful songs like “Sjećam se prvog poljupca” ( “I remember my first kiss” ), “Glas srca” ( “Voice of heart” ), “Dobre vibracije” ( “Good vibrations” ) which is not remake of Beach Boys, “Ljubav je zakon” ( “Love rules” ), etc., still not managing to surpass the critical and public acclaim of the original line-up. In 1992 he made his last album, when the war in Croatia began, “Hrana za golubove”. On that album there were two war-related songs, “E, moj druže beogradski” (“Oh, my comrade from Belgrade”), and “Bili cvitak” (“White flower”). 2. FILM’s compelling cinematic soundscapes revolve around nihilistic urban settings and inspire celluloid fantasies. The work of this Athenian avant-garde four-piece as it morphs into a nebulous dark-wave amalgamation of post-punk and electronic facets, resembles the mystique of a lost, enigmatic motion picture. Their flickering sequences, somber sonic textures, angelic vocal touches and distorted outbreaks draw inspiration directly from the iconic legacy of FILM’s universally-acclaimed compatriot Vangelis. Their latest collective effort ‘Persona’ is a commanding oeuvre encapsulating an artistic vision of rare grandeur and amplitude which was hailed in unison by various respected print and online media with enthusing quotes like: ’the top rightfully belongs to the charismatic gang of Film’ (Stereoworld), ’impressive and difficult’ (Postwave) or even ‘an indicator of artistic prosperity’ (Ping Pong Radio). FILM enjoy a leading status amongst the Athenian indie scene and have enviable live credits with support slots for behemoths such as The Cure, New Order and The Flaming Lips. They have extensively toured Europe with gigs in the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia and the Netherlands. 3. Film was a staple on the Atlanta music scene from 1995 to 2003. Like any band with a long history, Film went through many changes in both personnel and direction, ultimately leading to its final but most solid position. The band was made up of five individuals who all shared a passion for melody, groove, rhythm and emotion, a combination of styles that produced an uplifting, anthemic sound, well renowned in Atlanta. Influenced by British bands like The Charlatans, The Happy Mondays, The Who and The Beatles as well as American rock bands and dance music, Film songs span many genres and showcase awesome songwriting. Tracks like ‘Chemical Wonder’, ‘Q’ and ‘Be With Me Now’ have already been featured in movies and on television and heard thousands of times on web sites like - The band was voted one of the Top Ten unsigned bands by VH1 and Top 16 by Mars Music. The band has released 2 full CD’s; 1999’s Filmland and 2001’s ‘…rolling…’ as well as a handful of other singles. Film broke up on 2003, but left a legacy behind them. In 2001 Film released the EP “rolling”. It featured lead vocalist Mike Lee. Michael Lee changed his name to Michael Johns and appeared on season 7 of American Idol. Michael Johns made it to the top 8 before being voted off. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.