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Epitaph Tickets

Epitaph Tickets
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There are at least 6 bands with this name: 1. Epitaph were founded in Dortmund in 1969, consisting of Cliff Jackson (vocals, guitar), Bernd Kolbe (bass, mellotron, vocals) and Jim McGillivray (drums). The first sessions for their debut album, released 1971 on Polydor, were recorded in an Essex studio in England. For unknown reasons, it was however finished in Windrose Studios, Hamburg, where a fourth member was added to the group: Klaus Walz (guitar, vocals). The five resulting tracks sounded similar to the earliest incarnation of Uriah Heep. Epitaph's Cliff Jackson didn't attempt to copy Byron's operatic vocal style, though. Their repertoire at that time consisted of both fast rock'n'roll numbers and slow ballads with mellotron textures, usually in the 'heavy progressive standard song length' - from 5 to 7 minutes. In 1972, Epitaph recorded their second album, "Stop, Look And Listen" in Audio Tonstudio, Berlin. This album also contained five tracks, stylistically similar to their first offering. Both albums are recommended for fans of the heavy progressive genre. In early 1973, Epitaph released two non-LP singles on the Polydor subsidiary Zebra: "Autumn '71" coupled with "Are You Ready" and "We Love You Alice" coupled with "Paradise For Sale". After this promising start, it seems as if the band was promised a bright future by the newly founded American record company Billingsgate, that they eventually signed to. The band invested much time and money into their third album, "Outside The Law" (1974), and aimed at an international break-through. On this album, McGillivray was replaced with Achim Wielert (drums, percussion). The music sounded more polished this time, as the band abandoned progressive elements for a more straight forward heavy rock style. Sadly all their dreams of success were brutally shattered, as Billingsgate soon went bankrupt and all their money was lost. Epitaph had laid out on an extensive (and expensive) USA promotional tour (with ex-Karthago member Norbert Lehmann on drums) in October 1974 - on their return they had to sell their gear to survive! Their new album was part of the bankrupt estate of Billingsgate, and Epitaph were forced to disband in 1975. The band secretly reformed later the same year, but didn't record any further albums until 1979. Epitaph went through major changes during 1977, and only Cliff Jackson remained from the original group. His new crew consisted of Heinz Glass (guitar), Harvey Janssen (bass), Michael Karch (keyboards) and Fritz Randow (drums). They backed Omega on a Europe tour in the Autumn of 1977. The band finally signed a new recording deal with Brain, resulting in the mediocre "Return To Reality" (1979). The band now performed a melodic boogie hard rock - of no particular distinction or interest. "See You In Alaska" (1980) was a similar effort. Karch quit after this, leaving the four other to record a live album. In 1981 the new Epitaph disbanded. Surprisingly enough, the original Epitaph (Jackson, Walz, Kolbe, and Lehmann) soon attempted a short re-union. "Danger Man" (1982) was perhaps better than the Brain albums, but not able to recapture the spirit of the past times. 2. A Swedish Death Metal band, releasing a split LP with fellow Swedes Excruciate in 1991, and an album 'Seeming Salvation' in 1992. 3. A short-lived high school aggregation of both black and white musicians from Lawrence, Kansas. Their music is incorporates aspects of psychedelia and garage, as well as funk and soul. Similar to many teenage groups of the era, Epitaph rounded up some funds, recorded two songs locally in nearby Kansas City and had them pressed by the semi-famous Lawrence-based custom plant Audio House. The subsequent records were never distributed but were dispersed by hand from band to customers. 4. Epitaph was a death/thrash band formed in Tampa, Florida in 1990. They only recorded two demos; one in 1991 and one in 1992. Both recorded at the infamous Morrisound Studios. (check out "I Endeavor" and a few other tracks on this site) The band consisted of: Tony Teegarden - Guitar, Vocals Mark Good - Bass Scott S(uckemall)enokoss off - Guitar Kevin Astl - Drums Former members: Wayne Burgess - Guitar Harry Hannah - Guitar 5. Epitaph is also a Romanian hip-hop group, from Bacau. The original band consisted of Kremlin & Japonezu, but after Japo left the hip hop scene, his place in Epitaph was taken over by RoBy, another fellow MC from Bacau. Epitaph released 3 albums, 2 EP's and 1 LP in colabo with their close friend and co-worker, RoBy. Discography: * Cimitir De Vise [2006] * Richter 7(feat RoBy) [2006] * VIse Colorate [2007] The band is currently working on their fourth and final album. Both members (Kremlin and RoBy) are also focusing on their solo pieces. 6. Italian obscure doom metal act with 3 demos "The Lord of Evil" (1990), "Sacred and Profane" (1992) and "Mental Walls" (1994). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.