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Ecid Tickets
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Ecid is a kamikaze visionary: an artist with an all or nothing approach to every aspect of his art and life. Ambitious almost to a fault with an “us against them” DIY mentality, Ecid has self-booked, self released, and self-made his own movement. Ecid doesn’t try to sell you on any one way of life, he only sells you on the idea that you can live however you want. A Minneapolis native and a participant in the Twin Cities hip hop scene since 2003. ECID's new album, Werewolf Hologram was listed #20 on CMJ's "Top 50 Hiphop Albums" of 2012. It also earned the blue eyed charmer glowing reviews from MTV Hive, Stupid Dope, AOL Spinner, Eastern Surf, City Pages, and many more. The future is looking very fluorescent... Ecid pushes the limits of sampling, it’s not so much what he samples, it’s what he does with every note. Pitch shifting and chopping every sample to the point of no return, slapping together psych-rock vocal chops with 808 booms and hand claps, then adding more layers of drum breaks, and echo heavy guitars. Inspired by the duality in humanity, Werewolf Hologram tackles heavy thought provoking topics that really dig into your head. The hooks explode: layer upon layer of melodies evoking color and nostalgia. Ecid brings you into a new world, his world. He has a knack for slap stick, smarty pants, one liners that make us smile while shaking our heads in disbelief. His voice is full of charm and just enough personal triumph and tragedy so you believe every word. Werewolf Hologram is an album fueled by the loss of a friend and mentor, a computer crash, and the realization that nothing, not even plastic, is meant to last. PRESS: "’s also clear that Ecid is someone worth getting excited over. He may have a masterpiece in him." - POPMATTERS.COM "...stunningly intricate and grounded in the kind of conscious-rap reality that any hip-hop fan will find appealing." -EASTERN SURF MAGAZINE “He’s one of the more thoughtful and interesting...emcees to emerge in recent memory. He’s assured but not arrogant, biting but not belligerent, and his social commentary would come off as snooty if it wasn’t couched in such intricate wordplay.” - City Pages “...Ecid does merit comparisons to Astronautalis and Sage Francis with his brainy, topical themes and indie-rocky flavor...” - Star Tribune "Ecid is honest, cynical, dark, imaginative, creative, witty, funny, politically aware, and, at times, a fucking genius." “Werewolf Hologram is a lot of play on words, over a wide array of microsampled, yet organic sounds, and a dizzying array of cynical, freshly delivered puns and plays on words that rank among the best work that Ecid has committed to record.” - "Ecid is playing some really cool audio games with the samples he uses, and some of the production techniques help pull the listener in and keep them there. It's not only a rapper's album, but it's for the production heads too, who will be smiling at the known sounds and scratching their heads at the unknown ones for days, if not months or years."- OKAYPLAYER.COM.. “About “Kings of Compton: NWA vs. Kings of Leon”: What’s more is [Ecid] reworked all the original Kings [of Leons]’ tracks, so the end result feels less like mash-up by numbers and instead takes on a crazy, undeniably original life of its own, in a similar fashion to Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album (The Beatles x Jay-Z), which heavily influenced Ecid’s undertaking.” - "Yup, I did say poetic extremist, because Ecid absolutely goes off. Lyrics take the forefront on this album, and he has a powerful voice and imagination to bring it there. -UGS MAG ( "With a penchant for crafting sinister imagery and flipping American clichés into semiotic finger traps, Ecid shows a complex understanding of contemporary American identity" -SLUG Magazine ( Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.