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Cryogen Tickets

Cryogen Tickets
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At least 2 bands with the name Cryogen: Denver, CO’s Cryogen was formed in late 2004 by Ryan Conner (vocals, guitar) and Brian Sawyer (lead guitar) with the goal of combining the melodic and memorable song structures of European metal (In Flames, Opeth, Dark Tranquility) with the impact of American death metal (Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Death). Their debut full-length, Premonition, was released in October 2005 and was well-received by international media as well as metal fans in the Colorado area. Cryogen followed the release of Premonition with nearly 100 shows covering much of Colorado and Wyoming between 2005 and 2006, playing to thousands in the region. CRYOGEN (Barcelona)(1999-2008) In November 1999 Pako "Y" and AC Guillen (along with other components that are no longer part of the band), they decide to form a common project that will take them to investigate land musical to date, only had the influence, in any of his previous bands (Nothing, Hard-Boiled / entrapment, Guarrería, etc.) had done musically speaking what is now proposing to do. How do you define it? Simply METAL .... Of course with both classic influences such as art and the incorporation of new technology (samplers). A few months later, in full composition of issues, joins the group Cryodj, with the sole purpose of providing the technology factor band, which from that moment until today, it will be a fundamental pillar in the compositions. In 2001, Cryogen falls to record what will be his first demo, EMBRYON. The work consisted of six subjects (CREDIT ZERO, HOSTILITY EXPRESS, VYRUS, beyond, and from another PRISMA VISION OF CHAOS), was recorded in studies with Ricardo Bangerang Boya as producer and mixed Studies Last Cesar Cisneros. Meanwhile, the group strives to create a wider repertoire and debuted live there for Oct. 01 in the legendary hall Garatge Barcelona and the curtain falls just outside that group Pako, Hard-Boiled. With widespread acceptance of public criticism, the band chose not offered much in direct and decided to play at festivals or concerts spaced over time. We arrived in 2002, a convulsive year especially for the group, as there would be training several changes, including location, including transfer to Barcelona Badalona. Still CRYOGEN publishes its second demo, called -40 º C. This recording is comprised of six subjects (-40 º C., AUTOCONDENA, pass, dosage, and blind faith for the first time a version .. S DRIVER SEAT). This work was produced by Willy (KTULU) with the assistance of production Pako. This is a demo version "remixes" CRYOSTASYS call (2003) in which the band experimented with electronic resources and software to give other nuances to his music. Since returning in 2003 to record another demo, this time with Pako "Y" in production. Four topics were chosen (in the gap, CODE irrational AUTOCONDENA, and a version called DADDY COOL Boney M). This demo never see the light because it was only to participate in the festival city of Bilbao. We arrived at 2005, where the group finally decided to take a long time the best songs of his earlier work, including a new item called zero tolerance. This is the first important turning point in the short history of CRYOGEN since Willy, lead singer and "alma mater of KTULU decides to take charge of the project from start to finish. Its title, of course, EMBRYON. The disc unfortunately did not see light until years later and half of his record, partly due to internal problems of the band and a profound restructuring, which kept away from each other several months. It is then that in early 2006 CRYOGEN back to work, faith and strength more than ever and with a system of work much more mature and effective. It is finally the presentation of the disc, is Nov. 06 in Room MEPHISTO Barcelona is a great success. CRYOGEN recorded his first video clip orders Ferdi and choose the theme for this that opens the album, ZERO TOLERANCE. Today, the group members are: A.C. Guillen, guitars, Pako "Y", vocals / samplers, Alex, drums / programming, Raul Alba, low / samplers, Cryodj (Roger), samplers and Eimel Trejo, guitars. The band is currently engaged in preparing their debut album, which you can hear a preview at / cryogenbcn. The videos "Zero Tolerance" and "In my memory (direct) can see them on YouTube and you can download via Emule. Are now working on the reissue of the album "Embryón, new recordings, new production and formato.Contendrá 11 new subjects for study, and possibly a video clip. Let EMBRYON (third act) and you will know how coseguirlo. Will step up to the second edition of its long componen. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.