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Craw Tickets

Craw Tickets
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Craw was an independent band from Cleveland, OH that was together for over 13 years, from approximately 1989 to 2002. Their first three records (s/t, Lost Nation Road and Map, Monitor, Surge) were engineered by Steve Albini, the 4th record (Bodies for Strontium 90) was engineered by Bill Korecky. Listening to Craw is quite an experience. It's like when you are walking down the street and some stranger punches you in the face. You expect to be angry, but you feel this tinge of ectasy melt over your body. You don't understand it, but you want it again so you beg to be punched again. He is a little confused, but he does it. Between the crack of your broken nose and the warm blood running down your face, you are in heaven. You feel the incomparable pleasure course through your veins. You can no longer stand. Somehow, through the heavy panting you gasp out a gargled "AGAIN" but he's starting to get freaked out so he leaves. There's no time to beg, you can never live without this feeling again so you begin to hurriedly limp down the street. You come to a big pane glass window, and you smash your head through. That's enough, it drives you over the point and you experience the greatest moment of your life. Just afterwards, as you lie in the street with glass showering over your face, you realize that you don't want to live anymore. You will never have a better moment than that. Your first thought it of the horrors of the world you have to return to, like a baby coming out of the womb. You want to kill yourself, but you do not yet have the strength to do anything. It's like that, but you see with Craw you don't have to kill yourself you can just start the CD again. As a result of complete indignation, craw lost, in 2008 (despite much protest and anger towards, yet it was the band's own fault), but have secured, and expect to be able to migrate their entire old website, including all mp3s of virtually everything they have recorded which is available to download for free over to the new site by spring of 2010. And, yes, you can still donate to their retirement/new record fund through the new site when it gets turned live. The core of the band have been discussing (I know, we've been saying this for years) writing more material. It looks like that may actually happen by late spring 2010 or so. It will not be called craw. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.