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Crash Tickets
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There are many bands and artists called Crash: 1) British oi , street punk band since the early 80's 2) Crash is a thrash , speed metal band from Bulgaria based in 1988 year. Unfortunately with their first vocalist Hristo "The Horse" they only have concert bootleg records but after him they had recorded a demo called "Unreal Dreams" released in 1993 with their new vocalist "Plebeya". Probably the last lineup of the band is: Borislav Borisov - bass, ZZ Mineff - rhythm guitar and back vocals, Alexander - drums and Plebeya - vocals with which they had released a song called "Firedance" for the split album "Umbra" recorded in 1995. 3) Crash is a groove jazz / soul jazz / jazz funk sextet based in Ontario, Canada. One known recording, a joint album with Lonnie Smith 4) Crash is a Swedish Heavy Rock band consisting drummer Philip Crusner, singer Victor Crusner, guitarist Gustaf Blix and bassguitarist Filip Knezevic Their fist album came in early 2006 titled "Are U Ready?!", and their second release, "Back To Zero", came out in 2007, almost exactly a year later. 5)Crash is a Hip-Hop artist from the state of North Carolina. He is also affiliated with the 8088 Record Collective. 6) CRASH (크래쉬) is a South Korean Heavy Metal band, conceived in the early nineties. CRASH plays ferocious thrash-inspired metal, like american bands such Control Denied and Slayer. 7) Crash is a current member of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and former lead singer of The Deadly Syndrome, crash blends americana, folk, and soul with the New Orleans music he grew up on to craft his original country-fried sound. His solo album "Hardly Criminal" released on 05/06/2014 As an underground phenomenon, they were picked up by a record label and in 1993, they signed to the fledgling Metal Force label, then a subsidiary of Korean mega-corporation SK Group. The debut album Endless Supply of Pain was soon released, sending shock waves throughout the Korean music community.The album was produced by renowned metal producer Colin Richardson, who took the band 's primal fury and molded it into a lethal slab of metal for the unsuspecting Korean masses. Sepultura and Slayer are reference points for this album. The second effort To Be or Not To Be, self-produced by the band, revealed a darker and more experimental vibe; movie samples and other effects were incorporated into the songs; however, the "arty" nature of the songs make this one of their more technically difficult albums. Songs such "Turn to Dust" became their first "radio" hit. After the second album, CRASH parted ways with Metal Force, and landed a distribution deal with Korean major Seoul Records. Armed with a bigger budget, the band headed overseas to England, where they recorded their third album at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire. Helmed by metal-guru Colin Richardson once again, Experimental State of Fear showcased the band incorporating more samples within a massive groove that had been lacking in previous efforts. A three-year hiatus followed, during which the band again switched labels, this time signing to the Taiwan-based Asian major label Rock Records. CRASH returned in the year 2000, opening the new millennium with a new album, Terminal Dream Flow. Colin Richardson again handled producing duties for this effort, which revealed the band pushing the envelope of their music even more; the songs are shorter and to the point, with outright melodies -- lead growler Ahhn can be heard actually singing on this one. The electronic element is in full effect here - rave meets metal - with pulsing techno beats and drum'n'bass breaks blending in seamlessly with raging riffs. Many die-hard fans were taken aback by the stylistic shift; however "Failure," "2019 A.D." and "Apocalypse" have since become vital crowd-pleasers, merging surprisingly well with their back catalog of speed metal crunchers. 2003 saw them returning to form. The programmed elements and samples are still there, but trimmed down; the tracks are leaner and meaner and faster than in recent efforts; The Massive Crush is the perfect title for the new album. "Whirlwind Struggle, " "Psychedelic Storm," and "Discipline" are all grinding, terrific thrashers bound to please headbanging maniacs hungry for Metal™. Self-produced once again, album number five sees the band continuing their mix of metal and electronica, but with a stronger emphasis on the metal. The album also contains a cover of seminal crossover band D.R.I.'s "Acid Rain," which previously appeared on the U.S. D.R.I. tribute compilation We Don't Need Society in different form. CRASH has over the years opened for major artists such as Megadeth and Bush, done music for commercials and games, and has also appeared on the Asian release of the "Spiderman" soundtrack album. Armed with a renewed passion and energy, together with brand new distribution by Sony Music, The Massive Crush is sure to take CRASH to the next level in their career. Members: Ahn Heung Chan: Vocals, bass, programming Jung Yong Wook: Drums, percussion Ha Jae Yong: Guitar Lim Sang Mook: Guitar Discography [1993] Endless Supply Of Pain [1995] To Be Or Not To Be [1997] Experimental State Of Fear [2000]Terminal Dream Flow [2003]The Massive Crush 7) A death metal band from the UK. 8) A thrash metal band from Bulgaria. 9) A SpeedCore/Gabber Producer found on the Napalm Rave compilation. 10) Finnish DJ, nowadays known as Ville Vähäsaari. 11) A Dutch beat band of the sixties from the northern town of Sneek, The Netherlands. Established as The Relays in the mid-1960s the group changed its name to Crash in 1968 and shifted from rhythm &blues-influenced beat to a more psychedelic sound. Crash released just one single in 1968 ('Last Week' b/w 'One Rainy Day') and performed as the support-act for Dutch legends such as Boudewijn de Groot, The Golden Earrings (as Golden Earring was then called) and Cuby + Blizzards. (Not to be confused with the Norwegian band Crash!. If you're here due to that artist, fix your artist tags) 12) CRASH is born Mike Beever winter of 1969 in the north of England. At a very early age he is introduced to music through his father, a church organist and his mother a keen 'New Seekers' fan! He develops an interest in uplifting and soaring music through his love of the great composers in particular J.S Bach, Handel, Mozart and Beethoven but it is when he comes ear to ear with film and music that the potent mix strikes a chord. Throughout his teenage years he begins a love affair with sound synthesis aquiring his first synths at age 14 and going on to start experimenting with sound and recording throughout these years. Its not until he meets the influential Mick T Danby at age 16 that he widens his horizons musically and begins to understand the importance of improvisation and jazz that things really start to gel. CRASH at 17 hooks up with what seems the worlds first basic sequencer, a limited monophonic computer (ZX Spectrum) design allowing him to record and playback single note sequences. Soundscapes and the early CRASH sound are developed in the bedroom over the next few years and its obvious that his sound is wide and visionary even at this early age. Joining a visionary rock band at 18 allows CRASH to flex not only his keyboard skills but begin to understand the complexities of arrangement, composition and music construction as well as begin to understand the process of recording, mixing and production. CRASH moves around Europe over the next few years playing gigs and recording and his interest in this continent grows as it shapes his music and vision. After many years travelling he settles in London and takes position as house engineer at Station Studios and goes on to produce successful LPs, Eps and singles for Coldplay, Seafood, Tiny Too and Fierce Panda Records CRASH moves to the north of England, Spain and eventually New Zealand in the Spring of 2003 where he lives and works. The next few years begin to take his music to a whole new level and with less distraction and more time he begins to mould his very own brand of music. 'Film Soundtrack Electronica' is the nearest description to what now is produced from the Lodge Studios. Often simple pieces beginning with the piano grow into full orchestral soundscapes only suitable for wide expanse and a wide imagination by the listener. Across the world CRASH is heard by a wide variety of people. He touches emotions through his music and the journey is only just beginning... CRASH - Music for Film vol. II Released October 2007 13) Crash was formed in 2002 by singer/guitarist Paul Grant-Reason and MotoGP star James Toseland on vocals/piano. The line up is completed by Warren Odell (guitar/bass/vocals) and Gavin Hall (drums). Currently unsigned. Links- 14) Crash is an American MC based out of Durham, North Carolina. His 2007 (2008?) mixtape "Treating ADD with Belts" features DJ Trizzak 15) CRASH is Katrin and Julia, a new dance pop singing group produced by internationally renowned music producer Ari LeTennen , international song writer Sandro Cajander and American lyric writers Maureen and Jordan. I'M ALIVE (ft. LA rapper Sunshine Gillz) is due out 2013! 16) Crash were an indie rock band formed in 1985 in New York City, centered on frontman-songwriter Mark Dumais, who took their name from the J. G. Ballard novel. The band moved to London in 1987. Crash released three singles and an album, but are perhaps most notable for containing members who went on to form Ultra Vivid Scene, John Moore's Expressway, and Something Pretty Beautiful. The band's line-up was Mark Dumais (vocals, guitar), Kurt Ralske (guitar, also of Nothing But Happiness), Bill Carey (guitar, formerly of Centrics), Adam Wright (bass), and Byron Guthrie (drums).[4] They debuted with a 12" single, "Don't Look Now" in November 1986 on the Remorse label, followed the same month by another 12", "Almost". Their only album, I Feel Fine, was released in February 1987. A final single, "Bright Coloured Lights" was released in August 1987. When the group split up, Ralske formed Ultra Vivid Scene, Guthrie joined John Moore's Expressway and later joined Ralske in Ultra Vivid Scene, and Carey formed Something Pretty Beautiful. Joss Cope, brother of Julian Cope, played bass in the last lineup of the band. Mark Dumais signed to the Creation Records label under the name Tangerine, releasing an album in 1990. Dumais died of AIDS in the US in April 1992. and more... 17) Australian Sonic ROM hacker writing custom music for Sonic 1 binaries. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.