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Chthonic Tickets

Chthonic Tickets
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There are at least two artists that scrobble with this name: 1. Chthonic(閃靈) is an Extreme Metal band from Taipei, Taiwan founded in 1995. "ChthoniC's melodies can be characterized as extreme metal with a central inspiration and folklore coming from the black metal movement. ChthoniC uses the traditional Chinese stringed instrument, Er- hu, which can be compared to an eastern violin. The sound of the Er-hu is one of grief and sorrow, which ChthoniC accompanies with heavy drums, guitar strings blending into a harmony. The music undulates and flows with the tempo of ancient mythology, and often, through lyrics, conveys an abbreviated version of a traditional myth or legend. Freddy LiM, lead vocalist, uses his voice to tear and rip melodies, using both ancient and modern language and energy which mixes easily with the music. The music swings from cool despair, to the heat of shock and anger. By wavering between these emotions ChthoniC is unparalleled in the world of black metal song composition." Lyrical themes: While some songs have their lyrics partly or entirely written in Taiwanese, Japanese, English, or Taiwanese aboriginal languages, most of the band's songs have their lyrics written entirely in classical Chinese (with Mandarin pronunciation), which is rarely seen in contemporary Chinese music. Taking advantage of classical Chinese's feature of being a monosyllabic language, many songs, especially those in earlier albums, used parallel sentences in their lyrics. They are also known to be the first Taiwanese metal band to gain international and regional recognition and have won numerous awards. 2003, they won the Best Band Award at the Taiwan Golden Melodies Award Ceremony. They have been chosen for Ozzfest 2007, it being their first full U.S. Tour. It is also a Freefest, a free event for fans. Members: Freddy, Left Face of Maradou / Freddy Lim (vocals, er-hu) Jesse, the Infernal / Jesse Black Liu (guitars, backing vocals) Doris, Thunder Tears / Doris Yeh (bass, backing Vocals) Dani, Azathothian Hands / Dani Wang (drums) CJ, Dispersed Finger / CJ Kao (synthesizer, piano) Diskography: 1998 - Deep Rising (Single) 1999 - Where the Ancestors' Souls Gathered (1st Album) 1999 - Nightmare (Single) 2000 - 9th Empyrean (2nd Album) 2002 - Relentless Recurrence (3rd Album / 2006 Re-Release) 2003 - Satan's Horns (EP) 2005 - Seediq Bale (4th Album / 2006 Re-Release with english lyrics) 2006 - Anthology: A Decade on the Throne (Best of) 2006 - A Decade on the Throne (Live-DVD + 2 CDs) 2007 - Pandemonium (Best of) 2007 - UNlimited TAIWAN (Single) 2009 - Mirror of Retribution (5th Album) 2009 - Forty-Nine theurgy Chains (Single) 2010 - Painkiller (Single) 2011 - Takao (Single) 2011 - Takasago Army (6th Album) 2012 - Final Battle at Sing Ling Temple (Live-DVD + 2 CDs) 2012 - Set Fire to the Island (Single) 2013 - Defenders of Bú-Tik Palace (Single) 2013 - Bú-Tik (7th Album) 2. The recording name of Benjamin Briggs, who remixes video game soundtracks. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.