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Chavar Dontae Tickets

Chavar Dontae Tickets
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Chavar Dontae is an artist that emits an attitude and a lifestyle. A true artist from Midwest whose juxtaposition of soul rock and indie electronic music is conscious of real life struggles. In his songs, the singer-songwriter approaches emotional turmoil with attitude but is nevertheless optimistic at the end of the day. Chavar grew up in Saginaw, MI and Toledo, OH and was formally educated in Guitar Performance at Bowling Green State University where he attended master classes with legendary musicians including Yo Yo Ma and Ray Brown. For the better part of a decade he fronted an alternative rock band that toured the Midwest and the west coast while lending vocals and producing tracks for other artists on the side. In 2010 Chavar decided to change direction and spearhead a new project with a radically different style of music. With influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and Prince to Kid Cudi, Imogen Heap, MGMT, and Cee-Lo Green, Chavar is nothing less than innovative with this fresh style of music, while still keeping true to his roots. While maintaining his education in classical and Jazz guitar, Chavar’s debut EP, “indiesoulrocknroll: about a girl from westland”, incorporates synth-pop for a unique, contemporary sound. The name of the EP is a marginal implication to the eclectic, bold mixture of styles on the record. On each track Chavar knows how to hit all of the right sentimental notes and stay grounded at the same time—reality bites, but it’s all about wearing a smile on the road between heartache and personal victory. Project biography Chavar Dontae’s debut EP, “indiesoulrocknroll: about a girl from westland” is a brazen, lo-fi montage of Soul, alternative Rock n’ Roll, electronic pop, and new wave Hip-Hop. The music under Chavar’s mellow, genuine vocals utilizes guitar and synthesizer for a modern hybrid of different genres. Chavar’s original sound is ripe for its time with a unique and easy listening style of songwriting and beat engineering. “Indiesoulrocknroll: about a girl from westland” tells a story about lost love while holding on to a positive outlook on life, sometimes with a devil-may-care attitude, which is often necessary to walk away from heartbreak with style. For Chavar, standing up for hope is an essential part of life, and his premier EP is a prime reflection of that idea. “Indiesoulrocknroll” is produced by Chavar and producer/engineer Dylan Ely. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.