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Ali Zafar Tickets

Ali Zafar Tickets
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Ali Zafar was born on May 18 in Lahore, Pakistan. Ali Zafar made his debut as a musician with the album "Huqa Pani", released in Pakistan in 2003 and worldwide in 2005. The album was an instant hit, selling over five million copies worldwide and winning several major awards and nominations. It also put Ali into the league of the most popular artists ever to have come out of Pakistan with a massive fan following locally and internationally. Ali has been to 11 different countries worldwide and has performed at more than almost 200 shows infront of thousands of fans from all over the globe. In so little time and such young age Ali has one album to his credit and has won the hearts of millions with his multi faceted personality and the magical voice and is all set to rock the world with his second album “Masty”. "I had a dream. That dream became reality in 2003 with the huge success of my first album “Huqa Pani”. It was the fulfillment of that dream that made me realize that we only dream what is real. Nothing exists that can only be imagined and not achieved one day. It’s all about working hard and putting the right things at the right time in their right place. For this we’re nurtured with the appetite of hope. But I learned that it’s not only about working hard and putting the right things at the right time in their right place. It’s about Faith. The moment you lose it, it loses you. Your dreams start looking unreal, too big for you. In the course of working day and night on the album traveling to different studios in different countries working with all sorts of people, good and bad, nasty and nice, liars and honest ones, I sometimes almost dropped in disappointment and fatigue thinking to myself that it’s not worth it. But what kept me going was faith. Faith in God. This album is about that and the realization of our dreams that follows. If my music helps one single soul to accomplish his dream, my job is done. Love to all." - Ali Zafar Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.