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888 Tickets

888 Tickets
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There is two artists with the name 888: 1. Alternative Pop Rock band from Denver, CO made up of members Danny Stills, Aaron Rothe, and Danny Cooper, formally of the Metalcore band Drop Dead, Gorgeous. 2. A Brazilian band The band formed in the summer of 2003. After two unsuccessful adventures ie. Creative abstinence and total uselessness in one (Holy cow!) And tezgaroske episodes in the second band (Zemun connection, the name is not important), Sale comes to the idea of ​​establishing their own band. The idea was very strange poshto are the drivers of concerned and all the others knew of his little manipulative abilities. Still, it seemed pretty easy this year, postfestivalskog, after the state of emergency and the founder, then still young and ready to tackle the problem of sovereignty and borders within its own liver and not even enough zagrizlog in personal paranoia, it seemed that at least worth a try . He gets in touch with Terzi, promising tailors flag local club and drummer at that time already not very famous but quite active Belgrade band full name SUS and offers him what this cooperation and acceptance. Soon after joining the Karanka and Shvaba so that the first lineup consists of - Sale (vocals) Karanka (guitar) Shvaba (bass) and Terza (drums). The then the sound of the band is based Street - punk, which was consistent with the visual appearance of the band because they were just kind of at that time in the Urban-Shop in sales occurred Lonsdale jackets (popular Haringtonke). Already at the beginning of experiencing the first serious earthquake in the group, namely Svaba frustrated own playing bass, he decided to leave the group, but soon returned. This short time of his voluntary exile replace him Cholet. After returning Shvaba proposes his neighbor Danilo to reinforce the trumpet hundred other young and naive acceptance. The sound of the band have now added the Ska - Reggae elements. As for the bands name for that is Terza, despite much speculation, speculation and labeling, it is in fact a well-established working provenance phrase - "8 hours work, 8 hours of rest and eight hours of leisure activities. Much later, in a conversation with a friend of the band on the theme of our problems with those with whom we have problems (those whose name is not mentioned) we found out that the name is a sign of the greatest sacred faces of all our nations and nationalities (except one) and the aforementioned problematic to know very well through their fleece. In any case interesting, but it would be nice to have known that and in start. Soon followed by the first concerts. During this period, the band helps a lot djSlave (booths) arrangements for concerts i.e. two Ska Festival at the Academy (which by its contents were anything but ska). Next concerts are at the home of youth, then coincidence presence on PGAFestivalu in Jajinci that eventually resulted in the our playing on borrowed guitar that the French band with a rhythm machine and the name is too long and the popular (anarchist) joy in the audience, and twice on abortion Katasrofa (NAME ALL SPEAK). Bands with which at that time were playing - golly !, SUS, hundred marks, Pelagijska Argosija, Radnicki Kombinat, independent officer, Cokule. The concert comes to Švach - from playing in front of 300 people to playing in front of 10 to four in the morning, from falling through the stage to a declaration of love of Hungarian anarchists. After the concert, the Catastrophe Danilo, in agreement with the members of the band and the audience, napushta group because of bad improvisation on his instrument and thus puts an end to the activities of the band in 2004. In 2005, 888 played two concerts at the Academy with a curtsy, Blank - Fule, Super with caramel (Bechej), phantom and invisible shoplifters (Novi Sad), then in Philly with Spitliverom and shit stick, in Novi Sad (DC time) on someone's birthday (there never happen again, broke a disgrace, and they and we as a band that we zvuchala and vecheri). The sound of the band is now more and more based on the '77 punk - rock sound of the older British and later American schools. Followed by a concert in Pancevo after which Karanka decided to leave the band, leaving behind immense impact on the work itself. This is followed by a huge break with the band, at least for the concert business. Meanwhile rehearse the new line-up with Misha on guitar and composition with him playing at a festival in Tomasevac in August 2006 and in November of that year the Blue Moon in as the opening act Arsis-there (Argentina) with sidekicks. The sound is now enriched and garage influences. In early 2007 the band entered the studio in order to record a demo and debut album, however due to the lack of seriousness of the producer and the band, and the poor quality recording of whom eventually it turns out nothing. However, members were able to get their 3 songs that can be heard on the promo split CD with competitive SUS infection. In the composition there is a major personnel changes. The band was first joined Branko (100 golly!) On the accordion (other members were initially skeptical instructed by the experience with Danilo). Shvaba, after a couple of evenings spent in the Bridge pub suddenly decided to leave the band, explaining that it disagrees with the new sound of the band. Finally, Misha, due to obligations to the parent band and private life and I decided to go after the show in November 2007 in the Living Room-in (SKC) with Arsis and Saddam's sons. At this concert the next Branko promoted another new member tj.chlanica - Mary (alias Mary) - bass (SUS). A long rivalry of these two bands culminated in this coalition so that their creative disagreements relational type Clash - Damned no longer be performed behind your back but directly in the face. New guitarist is John (mutt RECORDS), which brings much needed freshness and power of the band. The current lineup consists of - Sale - 'Granada City all night drug prowling wolf' vocals, John -'Spotlight Shunning-guitar slinger'- guitar, Mary - Seven deadly sins'- bass, Branko -'Le Chancon Prever'- du cabaret , burlesque, honky-tonk harmonica, and Terza -'Hopelles traumatic romantic'- drums. In this part of the band in early 2008, held concerts in the jungle and the Academy. During the recording of the first album. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.