Darius Rucker's Southern Style

Darius Rucker’s Southern Style

Many people recognize his appearance, but don't realize his real name is Darius instead of "Hootie".  His previous band was Hootie and the Blowfish, so a lot of fans associate the name with his appearance.  What they don't realize is that Darius Rucker started his solo career in country music in 2008 & has released 4 albums since.  His most recent release, Southern Style, was released late March of 2015 & debuted at No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart & No. 7 on the Billboard 200.

Cover photo of Darius' latest album, Southern Style. Image source: Countryweekly.com

Even after his shift from rock to country, Darius still finds inspiration from his favorite band, the Black Crowes. He told Rolling Stone magazine, "That band was very important to me, I'm a big Black Crowes guy.  I think they are one of America's greatest rock & roll bands ever."  He even reached out to former guitarist of the Black Crowes Rich Robinson to play on his latest album.  Robinson agreed & Rucker made special mention on the sleeve notes, thanking the guitarist for "hearing something different."  Rucker also collaborated with Lady Antebellum's founder Charles Kelley on his first hit from Southern Style entitled "Homegrown Honey."  They were playing golf one day & both realized they haven't written a song together.  Darius nearly backed out of the studio session saying that he was fried & couldn't write that night.  But Kelley persisted & after the song was written, Rucker said, "This is my first single, I just know it."  Darius is known to play songs with serious subject matter, but the single "Homegrown Honey" is more fun & whimsical.  He is eager to collaborate with Kelley again in the future.  His second single shares the same title as the album itself, Southern Style, but it's not about living in the Southern region like some may think.  It refers to living a Southern style of life, no matter what region you live in.

Cover for Rucker's first single, Homegrown Honey. Image source: billboard.com

Rucker recently played a free concert on August 26 which was announced only 24 hours prior.  The tribute show was held to honor the victims of the recent shooting at a church in Charleston, SC earlier this summer.  CMT's Instant Jam was on location to film the performance which will be aired on September 5 at 10:00pm.  The tragic shooting was especially disturbing for Rucker, as his 10 year old son attends the school across the street from the church.  He dedicated an acapella rendition of "Amazing Grace" to everyone who was affected by the horrific shooting.  As Rucker was introducing the song, he had some inspirational words, "The greatest feeling I've had in a long time is when that played out and our city didn't divide.  You wanted to mess with our city and instead you brought us together."

Darius performing at a surprise show in Charleston. Image source: Rollingstone.com

Darius will be playing this fall at the Allstate Arena on October 8 & great seats are available for purchase here.   Image source: dariusrucker.com
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