Chicago Bulls: Road To Recovery

Chicago Bulls: Road To Recovery

The postseason isn’t even close to being done yet, but can you blame me for looking ahead to the Chicago Bulls’ off-season moves? Bulls fans will be agonizing over this all summer long, so why not start now when the pain of being knocked out early is still fresh.

It seems that Derrick Rose won’t suit up again until at least February of next year, the Bulls desperately need another guard. Even if Rose were starting the season off with the team, another guard (such as O.J. Mayo) would be a good addition to the team. The other problem that needs to be addressed is C.J. Watson, he has a lingering foot problem that was operated on last week.

He’s supposed to lay off most basketball duties for the next four-to-six weeks as his feet heal up, and the hope is nothing will set him back once the season begins anew next fall.

Still, do we really want John Lucas III backing Watson up all season? While Lucas did some great things for the team during the year, to give him that full responsibility first thing in the new season might not be the best idea. It would be ideal for the Bulls to get another shooting guard or point guard to help Watson bring the ball up and shoulder a good portion of those minutes.

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Honestly, this team shouldn’t look any further than Kirk Hinrich.  His name has been coming up ever since mid-season, but there is no  better fit than now since Rose will be sidelined most of the season.

Let’s not forget, the only reason Hinrich was traded away in the first place was because the Bulls were trying to make room for a big free agent like Dwayne Wade or LeBron James. Instead, the Bulls got stuck with Carlos Boozer. What a consolation, but that’s another story.

Hinrich can definitely bring that leadership back to the team in Rose’s absence. I have no doubt he’d be able to jump right back into the Bulls’ plans, and there’s no reason why he and coach Tom Thibodeau shouldn’t get along well.

However, another interesting name being brought to the table, an unrestricted free agent like Hinrich, is Chauncey Billups. While he did suffer a major injury this year, the Bulls could probably sign him for very reasonable money, and have him split time evenly with C.J. Watson.

All this if he can prove his ability to remain healthy, of course. Another added bonus is the fact that Billups and Rip Hamilton were a dynamic duo for the world-champion Detroit Pistons of a few years back.

Either way, if you go with Hinrich or Billups, you get a proven leader to help a team with their star player missing, and you get them at a good price.

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