Lollapalooza Spotlight: M83

Lollapalooza Spotlight: M83

Continuing the trend of French artists we introduce Anthony Gonzalez, the Spanish-French born musician who is the mastermind behind M83.  Classified under the ever so popular electropop genre, M83 made their biggest splash with the release of “Midnight City” on their latest album Hurry Up We Are Dreaming. The track was highly praised by Pitchfork who named it the #1 track of 2011 on their annual best track list. Gonzalez does have a supporting cast behind him in his brother and a few other band members, but he usually records on his own. Soft lyrics over heavy instrumentals is the bands M.O. Anthony Gonzalez is definitely a guy to keep an eye on moving into 2012 and there is no doubt M83 will be making festival appearances for years to come. Here is there hit single “Midnight City” make sure you stick around until the end for that smooth sending from the saxophone. M83 will be performing at the Riviera Theater on May 4th as well.

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M83 Will Perform @ Lollapalooza On Friday August 3rd
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