Lollapalooza Spotlight: Kongos

Lollapalooza Spotlight: Kongos

About Kongos 

It won’t be long until Kongos become a household name in the U.S. After all their hit single “Come With Me Now” has already been used in promos for the NFL, NBA, and ESPN. The South African alternative rock band released their debut album, Lunatic in 2012. The four brothers who make up Kongos, Dylan, Daniel, Jesse, and Johnny are already incredibly popular overseas. With crowds of up to 65,000 in their native South Africa, the band has toured with Linkin Park, AWOLNATION, and Dispatch around the UK and Europe. The brothers grew up in London, moved to South Africa, and then settled down in Phoenix. Their unique and interesting sound can be traced to the many different experiences the band has had as they rose to prominence. The band cites everything from African tribal music to Sting and Paul Mccartney in terms of music that influenced them. It was in 2007 when the band began to make its move. Kongos found home base in Phoenix and began to get local airplay and tour the west coast. All the studio time paid off in 2011 when the group became a huge hit back in South Africa. The success over there carried over to the U.S. with their single, Come With Me Now”, peaking at number one on the U.S. alternative charts. Kongos was then signed to the Epic Records label in January 2014 and look to continue their rise in the music industry. Check them out at Lollapalooza this summer!

Must hear song: “Come With Me Now”

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Kongos @ Lollapalooza

  • Kongos will be performing live at Lollapalooza on Sunday, August 3rd from 12:15-1:00 pm at Palladia
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