Lollapalooza Spotlight: The So So Glos

Lollapalooza Spotlight: The So So Glos

About The So So Glos

This dysfunctional group of brothers got their start in music at a very young age. Brothers Alex and Ryan Levine, who originally hail from Brooklyn, met drummer Zach Staggers as early as preschool. Through divorce and remarriage, Staggers become their step-brother. The punk rock band was finalized in 2007 when Matt Elkin joined right before the band was due to go on tour. The So So Glos are known for their extremely energetic live performances and their ability to connect with their audiences. The band’s early years were filled with performances around the New York metropolitan area.  Their self-titled self-produced album was released in 2007 just prior the band going on their first country wide tour. Fast forward to only a year later and the band had instant success with their second studio album, Tourism/Terrorism. Tourism/Terrorism (2008) won the “Best Punk Album” at the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards and propelled the band to begin to tour in Europe. The So So Glos continued their run of success with their most recent album, Blowout. Released in April 2013, Blowout received inclusions on the Top 50 Albums of 2013 lists for Rolling Stone. Members of the band have strongly said they don’t believe the punk rock music industry is going anywhere and are doing everything in their power to promote and further it. In addition to Lollapalooza the band will be heading back to Europe for a tour set to begin in October 2014.

Must hear song: “Lost Weekend”

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The So So Glos @ Lollapalooza

  • The So So Glos will be performing live at Lollapalooza Friday August 1st from 12-12:45 pm at the Lake Shore stage
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Photo by: Lauren Zupkus
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