Commissioner Gary Bettman of the National Hockey League

NHL Lockout Continues

Preseason Lost

As the NHL lockout continues to linger, the sad reality has started to settle in as preseason games have all been cancelled. The cancellation sees an estimated $100 million in revenues fall to the wayside. Talks today have officials hinting towards the cancellation of some regular season games very soon. The NHL has said that additional cancellations will take place in 2 week blocks from the start of the season. If you followed the NBA lockout last season, the same type of situation is taking place with the NHL. The players and the owners cannot find a happy medium for the distribution of hockey-related revenues. The lockout is three weeks into deliberation and the two sides ended talks yesterday with no movement and no scheduling of additional meetings. They two parties can meet at anytime.

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The Key Issue

Under the current agreement players receive 57% of hockey-related revenues. The proposal from the owners has the players making 49% over the first year with an eventual reduction to 47% after six years. The NHLPA has entertained the idea of possibly going to 52% but no less. Hence we have ourselves a lockout. Several scenarios may sprout from this lockout including a comical proposal that may see the NHL using "scab" players to force players to cross the line. Shane Falco anyone? Another scenario sees our beloved heroes of the NHL playing oversees and wasting one of their prime years in the league on a different team like the Moscow Dynamo. It is so sad to see this happening to the young players and the old, all because people can't come to an agreement on how to share their millions of dollars. Oh well, this is the same song we've been seeing in all sports for quite some time. I for one am starting to care less and less.

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