On Short Notice, Dave Chappelle Hits Chicago This Sunday

On Short Notice, Dave Chappelle Hits Chicago This Sunday

Ever since stepping away from his flourishing Comedy Central television series in 2005, appearances from Dave Chappelle have been few and far between. In fact, it’s been six years since we’ve seen Chappelle in Chicago when he performed at Rosemont Theatre in August of 2006.  However, that is about to change as it’s been announced that Dave Chappelle will be appearing at the House of Blues this Sunday.

These short notice shows seem to be a trend for Chappelle of late as he reportedly embarks on a motorcycle trip across the country.  One set of these impromptu performances came just a couple weeks back when he announced (on July 20th) he would be doing a show in Portland, OR on July 21st and another in Eugene, OR.  On August 2nd, Chappelle hit State Theatre in Minneapolis, again with a single day notice.   Reviews of these three performances all tab Chappelle’s routine rounding out at about 2 ½ hours and full of laughs.

Beyond these seemingly spontaneous shows, Chappelle’s motorcycle trip as has also brought him closer to his fans.  Two such stories include Chappelle sharing a conversation and kind words with an actor in a coffee shop and Chappelle hanging out with a group of fans for 6 hours, eating Middle Eastern food and smoking hookah.  It seems as if Chappelle is in a better place than he was when he stepped out of the limelight and we can’t wait to see how that shines through in his performance this Sunday.  If you’re looking to attend Dave Chappelle at the House of Blues on August 5th, you can grab tickets here.


Take a look at some of photos of Chappelle with fans courtesy of  NorthCoastJournal.com and HuffingtonPost.com [good-old-gallery id=”29964″]

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