My Lollapalooza Schedule – Friday, Aug. 3rd

My Lollapalooza Schedule – Friday, Aug. 3rd

Boasting some of the biggest names in music, Lollapalooza is seemingly a music-lover’s dream, gratifying the eardrums of everyone from the spiked-goatee sporting metalhead to the dubstep-loving hipster wrapped in glow sticks. Lollapalooza is music at its core: the love, the rage, and the excitement, all wedged into three days and smack dab in the center of the greatest city on Earth. With all the variety and big names that Lolla has to offer, unfortunately it still has its drawbacks. If you’re like me, you want to get the most out of your Lolla experience. Lollapalooza isn’t a concert, it’s a festival with enough music to provide for over 30 concerts. This gives you a unique freedom that no other venue can; whether its metal or alternative, electronic or hip hop, you have the freedom to listen to any of it. But with this freedom comes the difficult task of choosing which artists will become a part of your Lolla experience and which ones won’t. This is why I studied the Lolla lineup and planned out my days accordingly. Before writing this, I told myself that I would try to create a schedule that is well-rounded and has a little bit of everything, but I soon realized just how much I fell back on my personal tastes. However, that is what Lolla is all about: the freedom to listen to your kind of music. I listen to a lot of electronic, hip hop, and alternative music, and my schedule clearly reflects that. Check out my Lollapalooza schedule for Friday, August 3rd below:

1:00-1:45 – The White Panda – Perry’s

The first bands of the day are the always hard to sort out – I figured that I would be most likely get to the festival around 1:30 and have just enough time to catch the end of The White Panda. The White Panda is a mash-up/remix duo from Chicago and Las Angeles, and though they aren’t my favorite, they can still deliver. Since the plan is to stay at the Perry’s stage until 4:15, I want to get there early and find a good spot to post up. Visit The White Panda's official website here

2:00-3:00 – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Perry’s

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, or TEED, is an electronic music producer and DJ from Oxford, UK. I only recently started to listen to TEED, but already I can’t wait to see him. This one-man show from England is one of the newest upcoming artists to play at Lolla, releasing his debut album Trouble on June 11, 2012. TEED’s high-pitched vocals and synthesized sound reminds me of the band MGMT a lot, but with a much more electronic origins. This is one artist that should not go overlooked. Visit TEED's official website here

3:15-4:15 – Zedd – Perry’s

As I mentioned before, I wanted to give myself a well-rounded schedule in terms of genre, but I soon found myself fixated on Perry’s high-caliber electronic lineup.  Yet another DJ and producer, Zedd is one of my favorite artists playing on Friday.  He is from Kaiserslautern, Germany and though he primarily produces fast-pace house music, he draws influence from dubstep and heavier electronic music.  I have no doubt Zedd will give an outstanding performance and will be one of the most exhilarating artists of the day. Listen to some of Zedd's music here

4:45-5:30 – SBTRKT – Google Play

SBTRKT is a mask-sporting DJ from London, UK and produces a mixture of 2-step, UK garage, and dubstep. An artist who genuinely believes his music should speak for itself, SBTRKT hides his identity behind a mask, becoming anonymous when he’s on the stage. He has created his own style in the repetitive world of electronic music by mixing acoustic drums with a futuristic electronic sound. SBTRKT’s music is very passive and after coming from an adrenaline-filled Zedd performance, having a mellow cool down will be much appreciated. Visit SBTRKT's official website here

6:00-7:00 – Passion Pit – Bud Light

Passion Pit is an electropop band from Cambridge, Massachusetts and has become considerably popular since their formation in 2007. The band’s biggest hit was “Sleepyhead” in 2008, and came out right around the time I started to listen to them. Despite having origins in electronic music, the band’s unique sound has been described as indie or even alternative rock. Passion Pit will provide the change of pace that I am going to need after all the house and dubstep music. Visit Passion Pit's official website here

7:15-8:15 – NERO – Perry’s

In every way that SBTRKT and Passion Pit are peaceful, NERO isn’t. NERO is made up of two electronic music producers from London, UK whose music is typically considered fast dubstep or drum and bass. Although many of the DJs on this list only became popular until recently, NERO has been making music since 2004. With rapid breaks and tremendous drops, they produce a roller coaster ride for your ears. I’m making sure I won’t miss any part this performance. Visit NERO's official website here

8:20-8:45 – Black Sabbath – Bud Light

Come on, it’s Ozzie. What else do I have to say? I’d like to stay here longer but I have a feeling the Bud Light Stage will be packed with crazed fans who waited all day to see Ozzie. I still want to experience Black Sabbath, but at Lolla, time is precious. Visit Black Sabbath's official website here

9:00-10:00 – Bassnectar – Perry’s

This is where things get the hardest: choosing which headliner to go see. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing any of the headliners on Friday; Wale is one of my favorite rappers, The Black Keys will undoubtedly deliver, and Black Sabbath are legendary. But the thing is, whoever you end up watching should not only be one of your favorites, they should also put on the best performance. Bassnectar nails both of these criteria for me. He is clearly the biggest electronic artist at Lolla and also one of my personal favorites. When I’ve seen Bassnectar in the past, he has delivered a breathtaking performance, combining light shows, live mixing, and the most intensified drops you’ll ever hear to create a show you won’t ever forget. In the end, if The Black Keys are your favorite band, then go see them. If you grew upon Black Sabbath’s iconic music, then go see them. If rap is your cup of tea, then go see Wale. But if you want to see a show that you will remember until the day you die, go see Bassnectar. Visit Bassnectar's official website here Like my picks? Check out my schedule for Saturday
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