Lollapalooza Spotlight: Star Slinger

Lollapalooza Spotlight: Star Slinger

Star Slinger (Darren Williams) is a music producer that intertwines various different sounds in his music. Like a few of the producers we have showcased earlier in the season, Star Slinger mixes beats that are influenced by R&B and hip-hop tones. Some of the tracks feature lyrics and some are beats that an MC would want to drop their own lyrics over on the fly. Many of his tracks use samples from other tracks as he mixes his own creative sounds and subtracts others. He gained notice from Pitchfork Media and SPIN Magazine which helped launch his touring career.

Darren Williams AKA Star Slinger

Here are a few tracks (and remixes) that have some samples you may recognized from other songs you've heard in the hip-hop community. Star Slinger will play at Lollapalooza on Saturday August 4th

Find out more info by following @StarSlingerUK

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