Bulls: Time To Make Your Move

Bulls: Time To Make Your Move

This past season things were going well for the Chicago Bulls. They had the best record in the Eastern Conference, they had the reigning MVP, and were headed to the playoffs looking to prove they were able to beat the Miami Heat and reach the NBA Finals. Then it all fell apart. Derrick Rose, the reigning MVP, went down to an ACL injury. Then center Joakim Noah went down and was lost for the playoffs. The Bulls were unable to get out of the first round past the Philadelphia 76ers.

Now those who follow me on Twitter are aware that I was not the biggest supporter of the Bulls last season. It’s not that I wanted them to lose, but in my eyes, they just weren’t talented enough to contend with Miami and the Oklahoma City Thunder. But I saw the potential. Rose is an explosive play-maker, and even though this injury will certainly slow him down, he’ll still be a top five point guard in the game. Noah provides height down low to grab rebounds at a consistent basis. Carlos Boozer gives them a low post offensive presence that the Bulls haven’t seen in a long time. Luol Deng is an all-around player with the ability to score from outside or down low.

Overall, the Bulls have a solid all-around team. The problem is, that all-around team seems to be just good enough to be the best in the regular season. Come playoff time, when it is best of seven, and the superstars are giving it everything they have, talent beats depth.

Bulls Front Office: Gar Forman – General Manager & John Paxon -Executive VP of Basketball Operations (photo:NBA.com)
The Bulls are just too conservative in their front office. With Rose and Deng trying to battle back from injuries, now is the perfect time for the Bulls to make some moves to better this team in two to three years. If that means trading Deng for a shooting guard, one who can give the Bulls a constant offensive scorer from outside, then make the move. If using the amnesty clause on a player will free up cap space to give the Bulls another big guy down low, one who can score and play good defense, then make the move.

When I’m critical of the Bulls and their lack of talent compared to Miami and Oklahoma City, it is not because I’m against what they are doing on the court. It’s that I see there is potential for this team to be great. I wish the front office would see the same thing.

This is a guest post by Chris Gasper from MidwayMadness.com. Midway Madness is a site dedicated to Chicago sports. It is written by Chicago sports fans, for Chicago sports fans. Chris Gasper grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. He went to and played baseball at Columbia College. Wanna read more from Chris? Click here.


Photo Credit: Ron Grabowski [Presswire]
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