Chicago's 2012 All-Stars: Castro, LaHair, Konerko, Dunn & Sale

Chicago’s 2012 All-Stars: Castro, LaHair, Konerko, Dunn & Sale

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As predicted, Chicago will be well represented in this year's All-Star Game.  Gold Coast Tickets has a great selection of 2012 MLB All-Star Game tickets, so be sure to go cheer on your hometown players when they make the trip to Kansas City this July.  Keep reading to take a closer look at these selections, along with your shot to help another Chicago pitcher make his bid!
Starlin Castro

Source: Midway Madness

Starlin Castro

Position: Shortstop  Age: 22
Cubs young superstar continues to add to his legacy by being elected to his second All-Star game. Castro has kept his batting average around .300 all season and has made some big improvements defensively. 2nd All-Star Game   
Bryan LaHair

Source: ESPN

Bryan LaHair

Position: First Base  Age: 29
After spending years in the minor leagues, Bryan LaHair has played above expectations all year, earning himself his first ever All-Star game appearance. 1st Ever All-Star Game  
Paul Konerko

Source: ChicagoMag

Paul Konerko

Position: First Base  Age: 36
Behind an .335 batting average, White Sox Captain Paul Konerko has been elected to his third straight All-Star game, marking the 6th of his career.  Yet another solid year for Paully.  6th All-Star Game  
Adam Dunn

Source: Chicagoist

Adam Dunn

Position: DH  Age: 32
After a historically awful year, Adam Dunn has redeemed himself from the DH spot in 2012. Dunn has hit 24 home runs and has come up in the clutch this year for the south-siders.  2nd All-Star Game  
Chris Sale[/caption]

Chris Sale

Position: Pitcher  Age: 23
This young pitcher has come up big for the White Sox so far this year, making the shift from the bullpen to the starting rotation.  The 23-year-old lefty has struck out nearly 100 batters in as many innings this year. 1st Ever All-Star Game  
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