Five Chicago Bears Make NFL's Top 100 Players of 2012 List

Five Chicago Bears Make NFL’s Top 100 Players of 2012 List

The NFL Network recently compiled a list of the National Football League's best 100 players.  With an average 2,000 players in the NFL (more in the offseason, less during the season), it really speaks to the talent level of the players who made the list.  The Chicago Bears were honored to have 5 players voted onto the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2012 List, find out who they are and where they ranked below... 

Source: Bleacher Report

Julius Peppers

While Julius Peppers recorded a solid 11 Sacks in the 2011 season, what really spoke to this player's dominance was how much other team's changed their game plans to avoid his side.

Ranking: 26



Matt Forte

Until his season was cut short due to injury, Matt Forte was the league's most productive running back. In 12 games, Forte put up just shy of 1,000 yards rushing and 500 receiving.

Ranking: 33


Source: Football Nation

Devin Hester

Devin Hester put together another impressive year on special teams with over 1,000 yards and 3 touchdowns on punt and kick returns.  He even sparked up the conversation on returners in the Hall of Fame...

Ranking: 48



Brian Urlacher

A staple of this Bears team for over a decade, Brian Urlacher put up another 100 tackle season last year and showed of his great instincts with 3 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries on the year.

Ranking: 51


Source: Getty Images

Lance Briggs

Alongside Urlacher, Lance Briggs also put up over 100 tackles in 2011. from his Outside Linebacker spot.  Showing no signs of slowing, expect another productive year from Briggs in 2012.

Ranking: 72

Check out the Full List over at and be sure to get your 2012 Chicago Bears tickets to see these great players along with the rest of our talented team play live!  
Photo Credit: James Brosher
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