Lollapalooza Spotlight: The Tallest Man On Earth

Lollapalooza Spotlight: The Tallest Man On Earth

The Tallest Man On Earth

Source: Jon Behm Photography

Standing at (a generous) 5’ 7’’, Swedish Singer/Songwriter Kristian Matsson is nowhere near the tallest man on earth, but according to hundreds of thousands of Folk Rock fans he’s just that. The 29 year old musician, and former Montezumas front man, began his solo work in 2006 under the moniker The Tallest Man On Earth and has received critical acclaim ever since. Often compared to Bob Dylan, Matsson provides a classic American folk sound that is all too rare these days.

With The Tallest Man On Earth’s discography currently composed of two full lengths and two EPs, Matsson is set release his 3rd studio album, There Is No Leaving Now, next month. The first single from the album, entitled “1904,” was released on May 15th, 2012 and has received favorable reviews from industry tastemakers such as Rolling Stone and Pitchfork.

Also known for his exceptional stage presence, concert goers are not going to want to miss The Tallest Man On Earth perform at this year’s Lollapalooza Music Festival. If you’re interested in attending, Gold Coast Tickets has great deals on both single day and three day Lollapalooza passes.

The Tallest Man On Earth – “1904”

The Tallest Man On Earth – “The Wild Hunt” (live)

The Tallest Man On Earth Will Perform @ Lollapalooza On Saturday August 4th

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Photo Credit: Kyle Dean Reinford
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