Lollapalooza Spotlight: Alabama Shakes

Lollapalooza Spotlight: Alabama Shakes

When Lollapalooza announced their 2012 lineup last week I emailed my “guy” I go to for new music and asked him to give me a quick run down of who to look out for at this year’s festival.  At the top of the list was Alabama Shakes followed by the line,is to 2012 what Adele was to 2011.”  This triggered a quick Google search which led me to their YouTube video “Hold On” (see below).  It only took one play and I became a fan.  Enjoy.

Learn more about the Alabama Shakes

The story of the Alabama Shakes begins in a high school psychology class in Athens, Alabama. Brittany Howard, who had started playing guitar a few years earlier, approached Zac Cockrell and asked if he wanted to try making music together. “I just knew that he played bass and that he wore shirts with cool bands on them that nobody had heard of,” says Howard. They started to meet up after school and write songs sitting on Howard’s floor. “It had that rootsy feel, but there was some out-there stuff,” says Cockrell. “David Bowie-style things, prog-rock, lots of different stuff. We started to come across our own sound a little bit, though it’s evolved a lot since then.” (Read more @

Listen to more Alabama Shakes via Spotify:

Performing @ Lollapalooza on: Saturday, August 4th, Time & Stage TBA
Follow Alabama Shakes on Twitter: @Alabama_Shakes
First Listen: Alabama Shakes, 'Boys And Girls'
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