Can Defense Bring the Bulls to the Promise Land?

Can Defense Bring the Bulls to the Promise Land?

Everything fell for the Chicago Bulls in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, and nothing fell in Game 2. So the Bulls head to South Beach with the series tied 1-1, looking to steal a game in Miami. Led by NBA MVP Derrick Rose, the Bulls have given fans of Chicago the wonderful run they have been waiting for since #23 said his final goodbye to the windy city.

So the question remains to all Bulls fans: do we have enough to go the distance in 2011? Any NBA expert will tell you that the future of the franchise looks as promising as any team in the league. Rose is the MVP, Deng is in the prime of his career, Noah the workhorse and energy guy, and Boozer the up and down big man who (on certain days) can’t be stopped. Couple that nucleus with a great supporting cast including role players like Korver, Asik, Brewer, and Bogans (and a rising star in Taj Gibson), and you have a team destined for greatness.

But do they have enough now? Game 2 proved that the Bulls offense can still sputter in a major way at times and perhaps that the shooting guard that was sought after at the deadline might be needed as this series progresses. But offense will not get the BULLS the title this year, DEFENSE will. Coach of the year Tom Thibodeau has instilled a championship caliber defense that has brought the Bulls to where they are right now, and the only thing that remains to be seen is will it be enough to stop the three circus clowns from South Beach and get them to the NBA Finals. Whatever happens in the next ten days will not detract from a terrific season, but it sure would be nice to hang a banner at the United Center in consecutive seasons after the Blackhawks’ run last year.

Will we win it all? Time will tell but the United Center chant is what we will need to get it done and that is: “DEEEEEEEEEEFENSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!”


Photo Source Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
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