The Woes Of The White Sox

The Woes Of The White Sox

It’s Bad… Really Bad

Silent offense, abysmal bullpen play, and poor defense summarize what has been one of the worst April’s in White Sox history. A team that invested $56 million in free agent Adam Dunn, another $37.5 million in Paul Konerko, and was the subject of World Series conversations is slumping with no end in sight. One may ask how a team with a $126 million payroll can play so badly…well, just turn on the television and watch.

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After an atrocious April, fans were excited for a fresh start in May only to be smacked with a no-hit by struggling Francisco Liriano on May 3rd. Our starting pitchers are performing decently, but our lack of defense behind our starters (and bullpen) along with a non-existent offense has put us in a deep hole. Forgive me in advance for quoting one of the worst movies of all time, but Keanu Reeves spoke the truth in The Replacements when he said the biggest fear for a team is to get stuck in “quicksand,” and we are knee deep in it. It’s appropriate because we are on our way to becoming the worst team of all time and if we don’t get out of this funk soon we are going to be up to our necks in it come All-Star break.

The scary thing is that we’ve made changes and things still are not turning around. Sergio Santos has been switched to the closers role, but let’s be honest he hasn’t looked great. He’s been bailed out by defense when he should be bailing himself out with good pitches. The batting order has been moved around, but there hasn’t been a change in production.

Still Lots Of Baseball Left

I can’t say that I am writing the Sox off just yet, and if you are a true fan you shouldn’t either. There is still a lot of baseball to be played and plenty of talent loaded on this team, and they need us now more than ever so get out there and support them. We have a pivotal nine-game road trip out west against some streaking teams. It doesn’t help that we are historically bad on the west coast but this could be exactly what this team needs. Break the west coast curse along with the early season slump, and kill two birds with one stone.  If we can come out of this road trip a couple of games over .500 I think that it could be a turning point for us and we can channel that momentum.

Things are not going to get any easier for us unless we take charge now. The next nine games on the road will be played over ten days so sit back, grab a beer and watch the White Sox work towards making this trip the turning point of the season.


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