Back In The Nick Of Time

Back In The Nick Of Time

While I was camping in the middle of the Colombian jungle during a two-day straight rainstorm, I couldn't help but wonder how my beloved Chicago teams were doing back in the States. I left here with nothing but great expectations for my Bulls, but the Blackhawks had me worried as I embarked upon my journey to a place where people had no idea what you were talking about when you mentioned the word "hockey."

Damian donning his GCT shirt in South America

"No hockey, futbol!" Which to us means soccer...which to them is dumb... oh well, I like American football more anyway. It's great to be home after three months in South America. I am back just in the nick of time as the Bulls and Blackhawks have become heavy-hitters in their respective divisions. I've gotta say the Bulls look ready to make a championship run (I don't believe in jinxes so leave me alone). I have a few stats to share that will have you believing as well, in fact I have my money on the Chicago Bulls keeping number 1 seed in the East. Video: Derrick Rose Splits The D First, lets take a look at their records - Boston's (47-18) vs. our (48-18) is pretty much identical. The defenses are both spectacular allowing a little over 91 points per game. The Bulls crash the boards way harder than the Celtics, ranking 2nd in the NBA to the Celts' 23rd. Of course when it comes to the NBA you have to look at playoff experience, and that is where the Celtics have huge advantage.

Image: Wikipedia Commons

Nonetheless let us not forget a much less talented Bulls team took an almost identical Celtics team to seven games just two years ago, so perhaps this one can be another series for the ages. If you take the last fifty games played the Bulls have a better record, and if you have been following you know we were without Boozer or Noah for three months of the year. You can also recall that it took us a bit to hit our stride... and hit our stride we did. If you attended the 20th anniversary game last Saturday, you might recall Michael Jordan singing praises for our new bright stars, as well as predicting that we will win several rings with this group of young talent. Let's hope that he is right. I for one think if we stay healthy we can accomplish amazing things with this team. So make sure you don't miss their last few games at the UC including the playoff run. Since I was between the ages of four and ten during their historic run in the 90s, I am anxiously waiting to see what this team can do in the next few years.  
Photo Credit Rachi Marianna
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