Did You Not Get the Memo?

Did You Not Get the Memo?

Stacey King

Chicago Bulls TV analyst Stacey King is gaining more and more popularity with NBA fans thanks to Youtube clips, his twitter account and soundboard on the Bulls website where fans can replay all of King’s calls.  King matches the amount of energy and passion that Derrick Rose and the Bulls play with while he is announcing games. He makes this already exciting team even more fun to watch.  Check out some of Stacey’s classic calls below:

Derrick Rose dunk vs. Phoenix Suns

Derrick Rose breaks Andre Miller’s ankles

Ronnie Brewer dunk vs. Indiana Pacers

Andres Nocioni dunk vs. Washington Wizards

Hakim Warrick dunk vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Derrick Rose alley-oop vs. Detroit Pistons

Derrick Rose alley-oop vs. Atlanta Hawks

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