A Rose Among Thorns

A Rose Among Thorns

Where do you think our family Sony Handicam recorder was aimed at when my mom was in the hospital preparing to give birth to my sister in 1993? Or when happy birthday was sung to me at my 6th birthday in 1995? If you’re thinking capturing ONLY the joyous emotions among friends and family concerning a birth or another year older, you’re wrong.

The family camcorder somehow always managed to catch the nearest TV, which somehow always managed to be tuned into an NBA game, which somehow always involved my father’s beloved Chicago Bulls.

When I was a kid, the NBA was everything – from Starter Jackets to school supplies, we were all repping our favorite team.  For everyone in these parts,  that was the Bulls – who could forget the Bulls dynasty? I was between the ages of 3-9 and I remember those games clear as day. With our favorite stars Scottie, Rodman and of course Jordan all leaving after the ’98 championship, we needed someone to step in and not only rebuild the Bulls team, but someone for the general public to be excited about again. We had some promising talent throughout the years, such as Duke forward Elton Brand in 1999, and high school star Tyson Chandler in 2000, but they didn’t seem to prove themselves as we would have hoped.

And Along Came a Rose

Lucky for us, the 2008 draft pick, Derrick Rose, former Memphis Tiger and Chicago native was chosen. As of today, he’s averaging 25 points, eight assists and five rebounds per game, and is currently a candidate for league MVP (vote for him here).  He’s leading the Bulls to an exceptional record despite Joakim’s thumb surgery and Carlos’ injured pinky. With the Bulls’ 28-14 record thus far in the season, we as a city remain hopeful. I’m seeing more interest in the Bulls and more desire to get over to the United Center to catch a game.  I find myself wearing my dad’s vintage “threepeat” t-shirts from back in the day . . . maybe, just maybe in 10 years or so the youth of America will be wearing 2011 shirts. And maybe we’ll be talking about Derrick Rose as this era’s Jordan – GO BULLS!



Photo Source: Getty Images
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