Next 2 weeks will tell the Chicago Bears Tale...

Next 2 weeks will tell the Chicago Bears Tale…

Was it a catch?  Did the Bears deserve to beat the Lions? The answer is who cares, the Bears are 1-0 and tied for 1st place in the NFC North.

Everyone and their mother has the Bears going 5-11 or 6-10 and lucky to escape week 1 vs the lowly Detroit Lions.  Most are still complaining about the offense in the pre-season…Really, complaining about the pre-season?  While there is certainly cause for concern with the 2010 Chicago Bears, I think fans would be much better served watching the next weeks before rushing to judgment.

Calvin_Johnson_Lions_Bears_9-12This Sunday the Bears travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys fresh off a heartbreaking loss to the Redskins last night.  I do not know anyone who thinks the Bears will be within 3 touchdowns of the Dallas Cowboys.

The following Monday night the hated Green Bay Packers visit Soldier Field in what many feel will be the game of the year.  How about we sit back and see how the Bears play against two of the best teams in the NFC before reading them their last rights for the season?

While there were many flaws in the 19-14 win over Detroit, there were also many positives.  There was a healthy Brian Urlacher who looked like the the All-Pro of old, the franchise player Julius Peppers making a game changing sack that caused a fumble.  How about All-Pro Lance Briggs starting this year like he finished the last?  And what about Jay Cutler zipping strikes all across the field and the Bear offense chalking up a ton of yards?

While the goal line failure will be the thing that stands out in terms of the Bears and Mike Martz’s offense, one should also remember how different the players looked Sunday compared to the old and outdated Ron Turner system Bears fans have had to endure for the past several seasons.

So perhaps Bears fans should stop asking if Lovie Smith should have kicked the field goal or gone for it on 4th and inches, stop saying we should have lost the game because we did not.  Lets move on with our 1-0 record and start asking what will happen in Big D on Sunday…I do not know the answer but it will sure be fun finding out.


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