Lollapalooza 3-Day Passes On Sale Today

Lollapalooza 3-Day Passes On Sale Today

lolla2010Advance tickets for Lollapalooza went on sale today and the lineup is scheduled to be announced Tuesday, April 6th according to Lolla's website.  Rumors have been circulating that headliners include Lady Gaga, Green Day, Soundgarden and more.


Earlybird 3-day passes sold out months ago at the $175 price point, and will go up again after the predetermined amount of passes are sold at the current price of $190 per 3-day pass.  Tickets will then escalate to $215 per 3-day pass.  VIP 3-day passes with Lolla Lounge access (free food, drinks, and more) are going for $850/ea.  And this year, Lollapalooza will cater to the out-of-towners with travel packages that include tickets, t-shirts, posters and hotel accomodations at the Hotel Allegro. lolla

Wristbands, gone?

Lollapalooza-goers will have a chance to buy a commemorative ticket that will cost $195/ea. for as long as they are still available through Lolla's website.  (You can always buy Lollapalooza passes from us, even when it's officially sold out.) No word on whether or not you will still be required to wear the wristband in addition to the commemorative ticket, which will most likely be worn in lanyard form.  However, I can't imagine Lollapalooza organizers will let concert-goers get away with no wristbands, even if they have the lanyard/commemorative ticket.  It would be too easy to take it off your neck and haul it over the fence to your broke buddy. So, you can probably look forward to another year of little or no blood circulating to your right hand, regardless of whether or not you shell out the extra five spot for the commemorative ticket.  Apparently the term "loose, please" means something entirely different to the people who administer Lollapalooza wristbands.  So keep reminding yourself it's the music and atmosphere you're there for and try to forget the dull, numb feeling.  Cold beer would've probably had the same effect anyways. We'll have the lineup for you once it's announced next Tuesday.
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