You would think that after the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien fiasco last month that NBC would learn a lesson in what not to do.

If you thought that to be the case you were proven wrong last night as the dimwit execs at the Peacock network inexplicably put the Olympic Hockey telecast featuring USA vs Canada on MSNBC instead of the regular National telecast.

MSNBC drew in an 8.2 million average in viewership that nearly matched its all-time high (Election Night 2008 did 8.23 million.) The game had a better rating on MSNBC then Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final between Detroit and Pittsburgh on NBC last year.

2010-Winter-Olympics-HockeyThere was no reason for NBC not to play the game and now they are being rightfully criticized for the huge gaffe. What were they busy showing on NBC last night during the game you may ask? Well, MUST SEE TV was on display as the Women’s 1500 speed skaters raced around without a single American in contention…Want more MUST SEE TV? How about a sport where people are skiing through the hills of Canada only to stop several times along the way to shoot some guns?…Who could not be glued to that?

NBC could have and should have played the USA/Canada game at 6:45 PM Chicago time and then would still have had the 9:00 PM hour to show the Bode Miller Gold Medal run and the scheduled Ice Dancing.

It was a great night for the USA with a 5-3 win over the rival Canadians, but it could have attracted an even larger American audience if the game was shown where it belonged, on NBC.

And for those of you with DirectTV and Comcast who did find the game on MSNBC? Well, you were not able to see the game in High Definition because MSNBC does not provide it on either system which are of course the two biggest providers in Chicago. What a shame.

Yep, NBC did it again on Sunday night and continues to be the Network leader in making really stupid decisions…

Check your local listings to see where you need to go this week to watch the USA fight for Gold in Vancouver.

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