Chicago Bears Now Is The Time

Chicago Bears Now Is The Time


Now is the time to start acting like the second biggest football market in the country.

It’s time for the Chicago Bears to make necessary changes to avoid another dismal year by the lake in 2010.

Lovie Smith is a good football coach who led the Bears to a Super Bowl appearance in 2006 but that seems like a distant memory as the current team continues to grow more embarrassing every week.  Lovie is not the only one to blame here and his boss Jerry Angelo shouldn’t be making any additions to his Chicago area home anytime soon.

The bottom line is that Angelo failed to put the right players on the field and Lovie Smith has not been able to coach the team that he has been given.  Together they have the city up in arms and calling for change.  That is what is needed and it’s is needed now.

Forget that the Bears owe Lovie Smith $11 million dollars over the next two years.  This is the Chicago Bears and they do everything but print money up there in Lake Forest.  They can easily absorb one bad contract and get into the game on the Super Bowl Champion coaches that are lurking around the NFL right now.

Shanahan and Cutler

Mike Shanahan? You mean the guy that won two Super Bowls with Denver and, oh…was Jay Cutler’s coach when he was not throwing 25 interceptions a year, but 25 TOUCHDOWNS?

Bill Cowher? The guy that would be Ditka in a town like Chicago and comes with a Super Bowl ring of his own?  Hey, how about Mike Holmgren, a Midwest guy who led the hated Packers to a Super Bowl title back in  the day?  Or Brian Billick, the Ravens Super Bowl Coach who would love to come to Chicago?

Actually, they would all be in line for the Bears job.  Now is the time the Bears need to see what is staring them in the face and take action.

Lovie, Jerry thanks for everything but, as is the case in the NFL, the real questions is – what have you done for us lately?


Photo Credit Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
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